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Whitney from Texas



from Texas

Whitney is an inquisitive young lady. She seeks to learn about the world around her. Whitney asks questions to gain insight into things she is unfamiliar with. She enjoys being a helper. She volunteers often to be an aide to adults and peers. Whitney is spiritual and enjoys going to church. She also loves horses, basketball, drawing and playing with her dolls. Whitney is a good reader; she likes having a book on hand. Whitney interacts well with other children. She participates in activities with her peers at school. She likes to participate in clubs and camps offered through the school. Whitney is an optimistic young lady with the will to learn and a positive outlook on life. Whitney will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Olivia and Whitney are a very loving sibling group. Olivia is a kind and caring older sister. She is always there for Whitney. Olivia misses Whitney when she is not around and always looks for ways to make her happy. Whitney is a spirited and independent younger sister. When she is in the mood to socialize, she will often join Olivia in activities. The sisters have a silent understanding. They enjoy each other's company, but don't need to fill the air with words to feel connected. Olivia and Whitney can sit in the same room, playing and might not say a word to each other, but they still feel bonded. When the sisters do decide to engage with each other, they usually do something active, such as playing volleyball or watching a movie.

Whitney will thrive in a supportive home with parents who can build a strong relationship with her. Parents who can parent children with intellectual disabilities will be best equipped to meet Whitney's needs. Her family will be able to support Whitney within the home and school, both emotionally and practically. Whitney may need some practical support from her family, such as help with her schoolwork, chores, and personal care. The desired family will be able to provide this support by being willing to help her and by teaching her the skills she needs to be independent.

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