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Xavior from Texas



from Texas

Xavior is a kind, outgoing, caring and creative child. Xavior is a shy child but once he is comfortable, he is fun and friendly. He loves to do art and draw. He enjoys playing video games, listening to music, playing with action figures and cars. Xavior also enjoys going to school and learning new things. He enjoys going on outings and spending time with others, but mostly with his friends. He is very active and loves playing outside. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are playing basketball and football and going to the park. Xavior would love to go camping and spend time as a family. He can get distracted easily and benefits from reminders and prompts to get back on tasks to focus. Xavior loves to read and enjoys learning facts regarding sport cars.

Xavior's forever family will be one that is willing to help him learn and grow in a loving home. He responds well to redirection and his family will provide him with consistent structure and rules. Xavior will thrive with a family that enjoys caring for an active boy. He will do best in a two-parent household.

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