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Xiomara from Texas



from Texas

Xiomara is an adventurous youth who is on the journey of self-exploration. Xiomara's independence shows through the love she has for learning new things about herself and the world around her every day. Xiomara is increasingly bold and is not afraid to tell you how she is feeling but is also driven by learning and understanding. Xiomara is very smart and excels in both Math and Reading and has shown an interest in continuing her education after high school. Xiomara is creative and loves to express herself through writing poems about the inspirations around her in her daily life. Xiomara enjoys laughing, playing games, painting, and most of all creating new art. Xiomara would be a wonderful addition to a loving and caring forever family.

This sibling group of eight are extremely close and are not able to see their lives without each other in it. Xiomara is the oldest and often sees herself as a maternal figure as she has pride in caring for her younger siblings and wants the best for all her siblings. Fernanda is the second oldest, and like her older sister, she takes pride in caring for her younger siblings and has the strongest bond and relationship with younger sister, Dayna. Dayna is the third oldest and loves her siblings very much and is always excited to see her siblings. Sofia is the fourth oldest and is extremely active and keeps herself busy by playing indoors and outdoors. Sofia is extremely loving and enjoys giving and receiving physical affection such as kisses and hugs. Victor is the fifth oldest and has a close bond with his siblings, especially with his younger sibling, Gerardo, as they are the males in the sibling group. Gerardo is the sixth oldest and has the closest bond with his older brother and looks up to Victor as he is older. Gerardo enjoys playing with his toys and enjoys his time with his siblings. Dulce is the second youngest and is the most sentimental of the sibling group of eight. Dulce loves being given positive attention and feels most secure when her caregivers spend time with her. Victoria is the youngest of the sibling group. Her siblings often want to all take care of Victoria due to her being the youngest. Victoria is a sweet little girl who is closest to Dulce.

Xiomara's forever family will be one that enjoys spending quality time with her and reminds her of how special she really is. Xiomara will thrive with a family that provides her with positive reinforcement, kindness and undivided attention. Her family will love her and her siblings unconditionally. Xiomara would love to have a family that would travel during the summer and Christmas breaks. She is looking forward to making new and everlasting memories with her forever family.

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