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Yusuf from Texas



from Texas

Yusuf loves to be hugged and will brighten up the room with his smile. He loves to play games on the tablet. Yusuf is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He says words and can repeat phrases. He has a good relationship with his sister and enjoys visiting her. Yusuf requires a lot of structure in his home and being on a schedule. He requires twenty-four hour supervision due to him roaming off to different places. Yusuf is very quick and can leave your side in a matter of seconds. He loves to eat pizza, play games on the tablet, and visit with his sister.

Lyric and Yusuf are siblings who love to have a great time together. They are a support for each other. Yusuf, being younger than Lyric, looks up to her for support. Lyric looks forward to her visits with Yusuf and it helps her maintain good behaviors knowing that she is going to get to see him soon. Lyric loves spending time with her brother, Yusuf. She always puts her brother's needs above her own. Lyric is saving her allowance to buy her brother a tablet. Yusuf loves to eat pizza, play games on the tablet, and visit with his sister. Lyric and Yusuf have a strong relationship. Lyric is very protective her brother. Yusuf watches out for Lyric and makes sure that she is taking care of herself. Lyric is good at helping calm when he becomes emotional. Lyric will do anything for her brother, including changing her own behavior if she feels it is affecting her brother. Lyric holds Yusuf hand because she doesn't want him to roam off. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Yusuf needs a family who will provide him with stability and structure. Yusuf will do best with an established daily routine. His ideal family will allow him to participate in extracurricular activities. He needs a family with patience and the willingness to set boundaries and keep those boundaries. Yusuf needs consistent rules and consequences. The ideal family will provide him with plenty of individual attention. Yusuf will needs regular praise and modeling of appropriate behaviors.

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