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Zadain from Texas



from Texas

Zadain is an active child. He enjoys being outdoors, he likes playing sports and doing outdoor activities. Zadain is very soft spoken when he first meets new people. He loves playing with Transformers and Legos. Zadain also enjoys playing inside on his gaming system. He does well in school and benefits from supportive services. Zadain loves taking apart his toys to see how they were put together and he will do his best to put them back together. He loves to do arts and crafts and play football or basketball. His favorite sport is basketball and he hopes to play more often. Zadain is also a gamer and he looks forward to gaming with his friends and foster siblings. He is really easy to get along with. Zadain is eager to please others and loves to be praised for doing a great job.

Zadain is a child who needs an active family. He loves outdoor activities and sports. Zadain will benefit from being in a home where he can get a lot of attention. His family will ensure that they continue with supportive services. Zadain needs a family who has clear rules and consequences, as well as rewards and praise. His parents will be understanding, patient, and loving. Zadain deserves a family who will be 100% committed to him and will not give up on him just because he gets upset or makes mistakes.

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