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Zander from Texas



from Texas

Zander would be a great addition to a family who is looking for love and to cuddle. He loves to be held and to be read to. Zander is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and several other medical conditions. He is nonverbal but he will make noises if something upsets him or excites him. He loves being outside and, with help, he also enjoys walking around outside. Zander participates in family activities as much as he can. His lack of speech and sight does not stop him from eating with other children during dinner time and bonding with his family. He likes to listen to music which stimulates his brain and auditory system.

The family who will best meet the needs of Zander will be a patient, loving, and kind family. He needs a peaceful and helpful home that will be able to meet all of his medical needs. Redirection is the only technique used when dealing with behavioral issues. All of Zander's behavior issues are related to his condition.