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Zechariah from Texas



from Texas

Zechariah enjoys activities such as playing tennis, swimming, playing the piano, and playing other sports. He is a very easy going, calm child and is very loving. He is a shy child upon first meeting new people and will tend not to use his words. However, once he becomes comfortable Zechariah becomes a social butterfly. He does well with his peers and others; he enjoys playing and interacting with other children in his day to day routine, such as riding bikes, watching wrestling, and watching SpongeBob. Zechariah is enrolled in special educational classes and does well in school. He enjoys going to school and is always eager to learn new things. He enjoys reading books and wanting to interact others. Zechariah is always available for a hug.

Zechariah's forever family will be loving and compassionate. His family will be active and outgoing in their community. Zechariah's family will be patient and willing to build on the positives and give him praise and positive reinforcement as he continues to progress in all areas and achieve positive accomplishments.

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