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Zeke from Texas



from Texas

Zeke is an easily excitable youth who has a very outgoing personality! He has a wide variety of interest when it comes to music. Zeke loves to listen to hip-hop, rap, and country music; he enjoys singing George Strait songs. He loves playing video games, playing with Nerf guns, and learning new card games. Zeke is an athlete who wants to try most sports, but he is especially interested in improving his skills in basketball and football. He will try to go outside and shoot the basketball around or toss the football at any given chance. With the appropriate guidance and structure, Zeke has the potential to be an outstanding athlete. He is a very healthy youth who has a desire to be in the military and eventually a member of a law enforcement. Zeke has the potential to do well in school with some positive and consistent reinforcement.

Zeke will thrive in a one or two-parent home where there is age appropriate structure, expectations, and accountability. He will do best in a home where he is the only child, as he needs the one-to-one connection and focus of the parent. Zeke will benefit from a father who is understanding and will help Zeke apply structure in his life. He will thrive with a father who is a role model or maybe an older brother as well. Zeke requires direct supervision and benefits from assistance in learning how to appropriately engage and socialize with others. Zeke hopes to have a family who will encourage his sporting interests and include him in new family activities.

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