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Zian from Texas



from Texas

Zian is a happy, sweet, and polite boy. He can be shy until he gets to know you, but one he opens up he can be very talkative. Zian is a planner. He likes to contemplate different scenarios before making decisions. He enjoys being outside. Zian loves the summertime when he can go swimming and ride his bike. He loves playing video games and can get competitive. His favorite color is blue. He loves to eat Mexican food and McDonalds. He hopes to play sports when he is older, but has not been on any sports teams yet. He gets along with other kids. Zian has a very forgiving personality and loves wholeheartedly.

Zian and Jenna are both very sweet children who crave acceptance and praise. They are both active children and can be rambunctious at times. The siblings enjoy a variety of activities and will need opportunities to find out what their interests are and what they most enjoy. Jenna and Zian want to be able to participate in local activities such as cheerleading, football, basketball, and church events. Both children need to be kept busy. Zian and Jenna are close in age and tend to argue like most siblings, but they are protective of each other from others. They both like attention and are very anxious to be adopted by their forever family. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Zian wants a family who will spend quality time with him. His family will be loving and there to guide him throughout his life. His parents will advocate and encourage him to achieve his educational goals. Zian will benefit from a family who will set clear boundaries and provide him with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. He needs time to trust and connect with his family. Zian will do best in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment, where he knows the expectations. Zian wants a family that has an X-Box or a PlayStation. He would like a two-parent household with a mom and a dad. He shares a close connection with his other siblings and would like to maintain contact with them.

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