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Zian from Texas



from Texas

Zian is a happy, sweet, and polite boy. He can be shy until he gets to know you, but one he opens up he is very talkative and engaging. He becomes attached to people easily and loves to talk on the phone. He absolutely loves being outside! Summertime is his favorite because it means he can swim and ride his bike. He loves to be outdoors and see things grow into the best thing they can be. Zian also loves sports like football and basketball. He hopes to play a sport but has not been on any sports teams yet. Like most young boys, he enjoys playing video games and being on his tablet. He hopes to one day have his own gaming system. Zian has a creative side that shines through when he is building Lego masterpieces! Zian loves people and he always wants to do the best thing for others even when it may not be the best for him. Zian will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Zian's forever family will be one that spends quality time with him and will be patient as he adjusts to rules. Zian would do well in a two-parent household but is open to a single-parent family as well. His family will set clear boundaries and provide him with plenty of structure, love, and nurturing. His family will advocate and encourage him to achieve his educational and personal goals. Zian will flourish in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment, where he knows the expectations. Zian thrives off attention and deserves a family who can give him the attention that he craves. He will do well being the youngest child in the home. Zian does have siblings not part of this adoption that he would like to maintain contact with. Zian says that an added bonus would be a family that has an X-Box or a PlayStation. He would love to get to go on vacation with his new family!

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