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Zuriah from Texas



from Texas

Zuriah is a child with a big heart and a contagious laugh! She desires to be loved and cared for by others. Zuriah describes herself as a nice, kind, and a girl who loves kittens. She loves shopping and going out to places. Zuriah very much enjoys watching movies and playing with her friends. She wants to learn how to bake cookies. Zuriah also loves watching dance videos and influencer vlogs. Zuriah enjoys attending church on Sundays and bible study on weekdays. She has her own personal bible that she enjoys reading. Zuriah loves art projects and would like to join a dancing class. She loves playing with dolls and her LOL doll is her most prized possession. Zuriah is a family-oriented who that enjoys participating in family activities. She continues to make progress in school with her teachers and classmates. Zuriah is an affectionate child who is loving towards others.

Zuriah will thrive in a patient, nurturing forever family that can also provide careful supervision. She will benefit from a positive family who will reassure her she is safe, stable, loved, and spend individual time with her to help establish a new foundation for success in her life. Zuriah needs a forever family who will encourage her to express herself and continue to help her reach her goals. Her forever family will need to spend a lot of individual time with her and access any needed resources. Zuriah requires a stable, well-structured home where behavioral expectations are clear, concrete and consistent and behavioral interventions are applied predictably. Her family will advocate for her while providing new challenges to encourage her progress.

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