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Zykeria from Texas



from Texas

Zykeria is a bright, smart child with a loving heart. She enjoys writing, reading, drawing, cheerleading, and outdoor play. Zykeria also loves to cook. Zykeria has had the opportunity to experience learning about antiques. Overtime, she developed a love for unique pieces and antiques. While Zykeria is a sweet girl, she sometimes gets in her own way when she exhibit unfriendly and testy behaviors. With the help of supportive services and self-will, Zykeria has learned how to recognize her challenge areas and processes to encourage techniques to help her manage and redirect behaviors in a more productive and positive manner.

Zykeria desires to be adopted and will benefit from a loving and patient home. She yearns for stability and to feel connected to a family she can call her own. Zykeria's family will provide her with unconditional love, structure, and consistency. A family who is optimistic, offers quality time, and supervision will play an essential role in helping Zykeria establish roots and create a new foundation for success in her life.

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