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Destiny from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Destiny born in 2009, Destiny is a sweet child with a very active imagination. Destiny is very social and makes friends easily in any environment. Destiny is well like by her peers and really enjoys spending time with them. Destiny is a huge animal lover and dreams of becoming a Vet when she is an adult. Destiny has strong Christian values and enjoys participating in church services such as reading the Bible. Destiny is a very determined young person with a desire to do well and encourage others to do the same. Destiny enjoys school and does well in her studies. In addition to enjoying church, Destiny also enjoys recreational activities such as swimming, playing video games, playing board games, and playing outside. Destiny has acquired a new love for reading and enjoys suspense, fiction, and graphic novels. Destiny is an average preteen who enjoys company and loves to sing. Could you be this amazing lady’s forever family?
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