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Rashad from Virginia



from Virginia

Spend some time with Brookleynn and you’ll see she has quite a sense of humor and gets along well with others because she likes making people laugh. Brookelynn is often found playing with younger children in the home, but also likes to go out with her close friends. Brookelynn displays a lot of responsibility for her age and likes to help around the house. She even enjoys chores like cooking and laundry. Brookelyn likes the outdoors and is happy to go camping, hike in the woods, swim at the pool, and play softball in the park. Brookelynn recently received her driving learner’s permit and is excited about the opportunity to get her license. She wants to start working soon with the goal of saving up for a car. Brookelyn does well in school and is in a cosmetology program. Her artistry goes beyond hair and make-up; she draws as well. Brookelynn intends to continue her education after graduating high school, but she is not yet certain what field of study she would like to pursue. Brookelynn takes responsibilities seriously and tries to stay well organized. Brookelynn also enjoys the household pets. She prefers dogs to cats, but will love and give attention to both. Alexis is a very pleasant young lady who likes to receive a lot of praise and attention, and is also generous in passing it on to others. She is very empathetic and affectionate when she feels safe and loved by someone. Alexis is active, bubbly, and talkative. She likes to hang close to her older sister, with whom she has a very strong bond. Alexis loves the outdoors and likes playing with and caring for the family pets. Alexis is doing well in school and wishes to explore career and college options. She is currently undecided on which career path she will follow, but has at times displayed an interest in nursing. Alexis is very optimistic and likes to laugh and tease with people. Alexis wants to be in a place where she knows she is loved and where he can feel safe and secure. She also wants to be free to laugh and able to relax a little bit. Her favorite ways to relax include reading a good book, journaling, or watching a movie. She also likes to color using the more complex coloring books. Rashad is an energetic young boy who wants a place to belong. Rashad loves to ride his bike outdoors; often it is the first thing he wants to do after a long day at school. Like his sisters, Rashad really enjoys camping, especially swimming in the camp pool and making s'mores over campfires. He has come to enjoy fishing and has become a rather good fisherman. A young athlete Rashad also likes to play basketball and has been on a baseball team and really likes to play ball. He can be very competitive and likes to win. Playing on a team has been beneficial for Rashad as it has helped him build strong social connections. Rashad does very well at school and is very bright and intelligent. Due to his natural talent for technology he enjoys playing Minecraft and playing a host of Nintendo games. He usually wears athletic style clothing and prefers the Under Armour brand over all else. Rashad does well with structure, clear expectations, having certain chores to finish each day and receiving praise for a job well done.
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