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Presbyterian ADOPTION


Presbyterianism can be traced back to the Presbyterian form of government, an assembly of elders as representatives elected by the local members, a form commonly found among churches in England and Scotland. The faith is part of the reformed group of Christianity, but is distinctly called “Presbyterian” because of the church organization it emphasizes on.

Presbyterian groups throughout history have often disagreed over doctrine, which has lead to many independents found around the world with different traditions, practices and beliefs. There is an estimated 75 million reformed or Presbyterian members worldwide, and plays a major role in many African and Asian regions. There are small, local congregations, and larger groups like the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A), but the uniting factor of this faith is the similarities in the church government and organization.


Presbyterian belief tends to have a strong focus on the authority of God and the scriptures, the power of grace, and faith on Jesus Christ. The majority of Presbyterians also strongly believe in infant baptism, and in church government that is always at the service of local members.

Another distinctive characteristic of the faith is its focus in confessionals, where many of its official standards establish the doctrine for the rest of the members.

Adoption background

There is no official service or organization for adoption or foster care for all Presbyterian churches; however, there are several independently operated Presbyterian adoption agencies found online and around the world.

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