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Protestant ADOPTION


Protestantism is one of the three major branches of Christianity; it began with the reformation movement against the errors of the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldrych Zwingli are among the more famous leaders of this movement, cultivating many well known faiths today, such as: Early American Puritans, Baptists, Lutheranism, Methodism, Pentecostalism, Anglicanism, and others.

Protestantism represents roughly over 700 million Christians around the world, and continues to grow each year.


Because Protestantism is the most diverse of the three branches of Christianity, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what considers a religion to belong to the category. As one way of identification, a Protestant can typically be found to believe in three things:

  • The Bible as the ultimate source of God’s word and direction for mankind.
  • Receiving salvation by having faith in Jesus Christ, and not so much by works.
  • Believing in a universal priesthood that does not rely upon a direct line of church authority. 

Adoption background

There is no official service or organization for adoption or foster care for all Protestant churches; however, there are many Protestant Christian adoption agencies found online and around the world.

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