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Two Loving Families

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1990: My adoptive parents knew that there would be a child in Peru to be born in the next few days of July. A call had been made to them and all arrangements necessary to take the flights were done. She saw me as a newborn child. However, they spent three months in Peru to arrange some papers there. I can imagine my parents’ anxiousness during those three months without knowing Spanish!

As a child I found difficulties during school hours, other students bullying me for being colored, however my mother did not discourage me and was always thought to not take notice of the comments. She always gave me the chance to know about my native country and culture. We had contacts with my biological family too, so I was like sending to a ‘pen pal’.

2002: A program was held in Malta and I had written a thank you letter to my adoptive parents. As a surprise, they got reunited with my biological mother and sister. It was such an overwhelming experience! I never thought that I would have my two mothers together under the same roof for one week. I must say that in that week I really understood the meaning of love from both my mothers. The biological mother feeling sorry yet grateful for having my adoptive parents adopt me.

One year on and I was nominated again to go to Peru for a week and meet with my family altogether! Never did I imagine that they included me as one of them as I did too. As soon as I entered their home, it was like my natural home too! I cannot express my feelings when I was about to leave Arequipa to come to Malta. It was heartbreaking, the same mixed feelings as when I left Malta for a week to go and visit them. I do both love my families. I have two mothers and two fathers, siblings and I’m an auntie too! I have been truly blessed in my life. My parents have truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

– Caroline V.

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