My name is Jayde, I'm in my 20s, I am British currently living in Australia.
I have never had parents, I obviously have biological parents but they were both never ever acted like parents, they were extremely abusive and made my childhood and life hell. I won't go into detail on here, but I'm happy go fill you in as we get to know each other. I tried my best to make a good life for myself despite the terrible life they gave me, I went to university, had good jobs, travelled and made good experiences. However I often feel alone family wise I have a lot of great friends and am a very social person. I envy my friends that speak on the phone with their parents everyday, that have someone to call when the have a problem, or need some advice or comfort, to my friends this is not a big deal for them. To me they don't even realise how lucky they are, and how I would give anything for parents.
I wish I knew about sites like this when I was younger. When I was child I would imagine a family would come and take me away from my parents, I dreamed of a real family, I prayed for it, I thought about it all time, but no one ever came.
I hope now later in life I can still find a family. I have so much love to give, I really just want to be someones daughter. It's all I've ever wanted. I don't want money or anything like that I'm not looking for a hand out or to scam anyone. I just want some real parents.
I want parents to spend time with, talk too, spend holidays and special occasions with, someone to walk me down the aisle one day and maybe be grandparents to my children one day. Parents to help me and give me advice and tell me what to do. Sit and relax with play board games watch films have dinner etc...
As I said I am English and I've travelled alot, throughout Europe, Asia and currently in Australia but I'm happy to settle anywhere if I felt I had a real family I would prefer to be close to them.
If anyone is interested please contact me
Hope to hear from you :)
Hi 'm looking for parental figures myself but also looking for friends and like minded people who are more on a "sibling or friendship " level. It's good to talk to others who may understand the difficulties because not very many people do when they take their families for granted, they just don't g...