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My Brother Jessie Ray

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i wasent born yet but yet i felt his love… my mom was young and had a problem…yet she couldnt handle two kids at her age with this problem…i tell you i know she regrets doing what she did everyday of her life…none of us work on his day nor do we answer the phone…we bake a cake and yet something is always misisng… my brother jessie…although i am only 15 and my brother is 19 and i dont know him i still miss and love him with all my heart…i always wait for the day when we get the call that my brother jessie wants to see us…my grandmother is sick and i want him to know the wonderful person that she is before its too late…althogh we tried everything we could nothing we do seems to work…my brother is still out there somewhere waiting to be found…i dream of the day when i see his face and we all cry with delight…i just hope that that day will come before its too late…jessie…i know youre out there and i know i cant do anymore then what i already have done…its now up to you! we all miss and love you! and we all cant wait for the day when we see youre smiling face to see if what we have imagined all these years are what youre really like…the only two pictures we have of you are what we live by everyday…now its all up to you! i love you jessie ray! and someday i promise you we will meet and my dream and moms dream will come true…youre older brother mark cant wait to see you again…and your younger brother josh…he cant wait either…you have a family thats full of love and laughs youre my brother jessie…and i love you….someday i know someone will call and say that youre ready to meet us…but when that will be i have no idea…but until the day that youre smile fills the room and our family is complete again i will dream the dream that i have been dreaming my whole 15 years of life…and i will keep on dreaming until i see youre wonderful presents…i love you jessie ray…love your sister…stephani

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