Hey there. My name is Evan. I would love to connect and discuss your journey and what you hope to accomplish. Email me at or call me at 424-284-9634 at your earliest convenience...
Hello:) I'm Joanne, 22 and was estranged from my family 6 months ago. I am trying to keep this short and sweet but I am looking for a parent figure in my life and hope that you are still looking. Than...
Im angel I'm 20 years old been in foster care from age 2 been abused in all types of ways thrown from house to house. (To sum it up quickly I was a child sex slave)
When I turned 17 I got placed in the...
Hi, I know most people adopt others at a young age. I always wished a loving family would rescue me from my troubled family. I am now grown up 40 and I always dreamed with feeling the love of a mot...
Hello, are you still looking?
Im 17 years old. Are you still searching for a child to adopt? Please let me know
Hey Frankie, I always wanted to have a family to adopt me and give me love and support especially have a father figure because my dad was never there ..... but it's kinda impossible because I live in ...
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