My name is Aisha and I'm 18 years old living in Africa, Ghana. My dad wasn't there for me growing up so I lived with my mom and my two sisters. Suddenly he appeared out of no where married with kids a...
Would u be my mummy I love be adult baby
Hello Alisha! I have been trying to get a hold of you for some time. My name is Alden Harbi and I am working on a dynamic televised docu-series about Adult Adoptions for a major network. We're looking...
Hello my name is Mari I am 16
I am looking for family I am tennis player and also I am figure skater
I really want someone who will be my family !
Hi , I'm Mia I'm 18 and I would l love have a family who would want to adopt me(internationally) a family who will give me love , support me , who'll give me a shoulder to cry on ,correct me when I'...
Hi there if you're still looking for an adult to be adopted I'm here. I'm shairenne 18yeara old Im a girl :) to know me well here's my address
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