Hi , I'm Mia I'm 18 and I would l love have a family who would want to adopt me(internationally) a family who will give me love , support me , who'll give me a shoulder to cry on ,correct me when I'...
Umer Farooq
I am Umer and I am 20 year old guy from Pakistan. I am seeking a loving family looking to adopt me as an adult. I am diligent, compassionate, obedient and supportive. I am suffering from lack of pa...
hey we emailed you at gmail at address :
please help us me and my brother, my mother wants to marry me off ,i'm 18 and i'm a girl my name is nour and my brother yosef he's 16 we a...
Hi there if you're still looking for an adult to be adopted I'm here. I'm shairenne 18yeara old Im a girl :) to know me well here's my address
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