We are considering adopting through an orphanage in Haiti, called Precious in his sight. This being our first time adopting , we don't know what questions to ask. We thought it was strange for them to ask for $4,500 up front. Is this a normal up front fee? Has anyone adopted through this organization? What advise do you have for someone adopting for the first time? How can we ensure that someone will not walk off with our money?
I have very good friends who adopted 2 beautiful children through Precious. Unfortunately, their process was not an easy one and many, many months went by before they could bring their children home and they had to fight to do so. I know that they would HIGHLY recommend anyone to adopt from Haiti, just NOT with Precious.
First my agency, who is very reputable wants 6k upfront, once you fille the app, start the actual contract. So that is not unusual.
I am adopting from China currently, but would consider Haiti, if I adopt again, .
Apparently Precious In His Sight was closed at the end of October due to fraud. I don't know the particulars but I've heard that there is a lot of missing money. I would be really interested in hearing from any family that was in the process of adopting when it was abruptly shut down. I hope that someone is trying to help them as I heard they are in complete limbo and the director of PIHS is not trying to help them. I went to that site constantly and used to consider using them in the future.
I am in a meeting but as soon as I get out I will call and post what I find out.
Please please, aways verify at the horses mouth before you post anything derogitory about a company or organization.
Please let me know what you find out. I heard this from someone who had previously adopted two kids from PIHS and is in contact with people who were in the process when it went sour. However, I do not know his contact info or I would try and get more specifics from him. If you visit their site at [url][/url] you can see that there is obviously a problem. Also they changed their "Our Orphange in Ethiopia" to "Our Adventure in Ethiopia." I am not sure what that means. I would really like to know what is going on only because I was hoping to use them in my next adoption... like everyone else I just fell in love with those internet babies.
My friend at work and his wife are trying to adopt a 15-year-old-boy from Haiti. They were using PIHS. There IS a problem, it is NOT a rumor. My friend doesn't know if they will be able to recover any of their money. They are trying to complete the adoption without PIHS. The real tragedy in their case is that this boy is 15. If the adoption is not complete before he is 16, he stays in Haiti.
I am so sorry about your friend. I am also sorry for the boy and all the other kids who were promised families. It's a terrible thing.
Hi all,
Sorry to keep posting on this. It is with a saddened heart that I have to say the rumors are true. It breaks my heart. All of us can fall and make poor I will not heap on kicking someone while they are down.
But here is a link explaining the issues. Written by one of the board of directors at PIHS. It also has email links to all the board of directors, who are still trying to salvage what they can. It is a sad and tragic story. :(
With sadness..
I'm sorry about that. Ms. Thompson was obviously someone you trusted. I bet that this was something that developed over time but started out as a nobel cause in the beginning. I am sure when you worked with her earlier on she was on the straight and narrow.
Thanks...and perhaps you are right. It makes me a little discouraged at whether we truly know someone or not...when we think we do. :( Yet, I do see often folks who make small poor choices that eventually lead to bigger and bigger issues. :(
Thanks for your caring attitude.
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I watch those "Adoption Stories" all the time. Wasn't the Haitian orphanage called "God's Littlest Angels," not Precious in His Sight??
Okay, I just looked it up online and that is the name
hello, I was an orphan at Precious in his sight and I am looking for information/ pictures in regards to what happened there. If anyone could help I would be grateful! I pray you ended up adopting from a different orphanage. God bless.