Hi all,
Sorry to keep posting on this. It is with a saddened heart that I have to say the rumors are true. It breaks my heart. All of us can fall and make poor I will not heap on kicking someone while they are down.
But here is a link explaining the issues. Written by one of the board of directors at PIHS. It also has email links to all the board of directors, who are still trying to salvage what they can. It is a sad and tragic story. :(
With sadness..
I'm sorry about that. Ms. Thompson was obviously someone you trusted. I bet that this was something that developed over time but started out as a nobel cause in the beginning. I am sure when you worked with her earlier on she was on the straight and narrow.
Thanks...and perhaps you are right. It makes me a little discouraged at whether we truly know someone or not...when we think we do. :( Yet, I do see often folks who make small poor choices that eventually lead to bigger and bigger issues. :(
Thanks for your caring attitude.
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I watch those "Adoption Stories" all the time. Wasn't the Haitian orphanage called "God's Littlest Angels," not Precious in His Sight??
Okay, I just looked it up online and that is the name
hello, I was an orphan at Precious in his sight and I am looking for information/ pictures in regards to what happened there. If anyone could help I would be grateful! I pray you ended up adopting from a different orphanage. God bless.