I was born in Kaiserslautern Germany 12/26/1967. I have found my birth mother through Search Angel Leonie Boehmer. My birth mother is Gonul Bayrak and is Turkish and was on a work Visa in Germany at the time she conceived and gave birth. She is unwilling to discuss the details of my birth father. The information I do have is that his name is
Richard Dawis/Deweese/Dwees/Dewees/Dwees or
Richard D. Weiss
He was approximately 24 when I was born which would make him around 59 today. He was an American stationed in Germany when he met my mother.
I was in an orphanage for the first three months of my life until an American military couple adopted me.
My questions are:
*Does anyone know where in the Kaiserslautern area a single woman might have given birth in 1967?
*Does anyone know the name(s) of orphanges in the Kaiserslautern area?
Thank you so much for any information you can provide.
I am afraid I cannot answer your questions but I did have a suggestion for you.
Try internet searches for Kaiserslautern Waisenhaus (that is the word for orphanage in german).
Here is a german phonebook online:
do a search for Waisenhaus. Unfortunately Waisenhaus is also a surname so you will have to sift carefully. Anything with Kind, Kinder or Jugend in the name is probably what you are looking for (these are the words for child, children or youth in german).
For translating pages from german try [url][/url] - it is not perfect but it can help you get the gist of what is written (if you don't read german).
You might try contacting the base where you were adopted to see if they might have any records.
Check if there was any church involvement that might give you more leads.
Good luck in your hunt. I hope this helps! ;-)
Kiera, Ive tried what you advice the person posting this thread but sofar I havent even been able to find any orphanage in Germany, when I use the search engines it mostly gives me orphanages from outside Germany...:(
And, does anyone have an idea of what to do when an orphanage doesnt seem to excist, (anymore) ?
Do you know what city the orphanage was in? sometimes cities have their own website and that might give you a contact of some sort. [url][/url] for example.
If there is a university in or near the city you might try to contact someone there. A large percentage of college people in Germany speak english well enough that you might be able to find someone who could set you on the right track.
Good luck!
You may try checking with the "Jugendamt" in Kaiserslautern. Normally (at least today) all adoptions in Germany must go through this government agency and perhaps they can help you with your questions. I couldn't find an email, but here is contact info for the dept. responsible for adoptions:
Adoptionsvermittlungsstelle des Stadtjugendamtes
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 67653 Kaiserslautern
Tel from US: 011 49 631 365-2663
There is still a rather large US military population in Kaiserslautern, so you will probably won't have any problem finding someone who speaks English.
Good luck!
I was also adoptrd in Kaiserslautern I believe the city hospital was at and still my be at 40 albert schweitzer strasse kaiserslautern. Also try the city youth office in Kaiserslautern.They keep all records of germany adoptions. the city youth office handled my adoption in 1965.Most people can speak english or they will find someone to help you. Also contact a germany professor at your local college they may be willing to help with the translation. All adoption records are open in Germany so good luck.As a german you have to register evey year so once you find your birth parents they will be registered in the town they live in.Any city you call will have that record.
Hi, I was also born in Germany in 1968. And also adopted from an orphanage from an American military couple. The result of an American GI and a German woman. I have talked to her but she won't give me any information and does not want to talk to me. :confused: Apparently there is an older sister but I don't know how to get any information on her.
I was adopted from a Stuttgart orphanage. My birthdate is 6/26/66. Looking for any information on birth parents/relatives. I have no original information and I do not know where to start to look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.