I moved to northern California (between San Fransisco and Sacramento) about 8 months ago and am seeking a position in social services (preferably special needs adoption). I would love to find a position as a caseworker or BA level social worker, but it seems as though California agencies require MSWs for these positions. So...I'm having a little trouble. I have a BA in Sociology with an Emphasis on Social Services and have experience in permanency planning, foster care, and special needs adoption. If you have an opening in your agency or if you know of any agencies in or around my area, I would LOOOOOVE to hear from you. :D Thanks!!
:D Hi there, I don't have any job for you but I was wondering??
You say your in Northern Ca. Just wondering if you are by Travis or over byVallijo Ca. I use to live in Vacaville Ca. Born and raised there. Just wondering. Good Luck on your looking for a job. The Adult and family services are right there in Fairfield Ca. just out side of Travis. Just a couple of miles away..:confused: Linda
Would you be interested in starting a private agency? Have you looked into that instead? I don't know what kind of education you need, but I know here in Texas you need a MSW to get a job with an Adoption Agency, but I wonder what you need to start your own? If you can find any info, please let me know as I am interested in starting one, but need other people from around the country as partners in this. I also have a BA and have been a case manager for children in childrens protective services. Well let me know. Hope this gives you another avenue to look at!!
:) Cheryl
Linda--I actually live on Travis AFB, and yes I am right by Vallejo. I would love to work for one of the counties around here, but unfortunately, not a single one has a job opening that I qualify for.
Cheryl--Maybe someday I might think about starting a private agency, but I am only a year out of college and don't have enough experience to start an agency. I don't really know anything about starting an agency, but I would guess you could contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Or, I wonder if your local DSHS (Dept. of Social and Health Services) might be able to point you in the right direction. Another option might be to look on the internet for a private agency adoption coalition in your area or state. Just some thoughts...?
Thanks for your input, ladies. :)