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NOTICE: The State of Oregon has a “Confidential Intermediary” search program that will locate birth relatives.
Using a Confidential Intermediary: The following persons may use the confidential intermediary service: adopted adults or adoptive parents of a minor or deceased adopted adult, birth parents or birth siblings or the adult birth siblings of a deceased birth parent who has registered with the registry. Matches will be made through the registry.
Identifying Information: Identifying information is provided through an adoption registry.
Adoption Registry: The following persons may use the adoption registry: adopted adults age 18 or over, birth parents, birth siblings age 18 or older, and, at the discretion of the agency, adoptive parents of a deceased adopted adult, birth grandparents, or siblings of a deceased birth parent.
Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families
Adoption Registry
500 Summer Street, NE
2nd Floor
Salem, OR 97310-1017
(503) 945-6643
For adoption related information and records:
Oregon Department of Human Services
Office of Permanency for Children of Training
500 Summer Street, N.E.
Salem, OR 97301-1068
(503) 945-5677
Fax: (503) 945-6969
Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older, adoptive parents, and birth parents may obtain identifying information. Adoptees younger than 18 must have written consent from the adoptive parents.
Original Birth Certificate: Recently enacted legislation allows an adopted adult to have access to the original birth certificate. In accordance with this recent legislation, a law has been passed allowing birth parents to file a form stating they do not wish to be contacted. You can order your pre-adoption birth certificate at this website:
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Hello! I got a question for you. I know I can get my original birth certificate. I already have it, and non-identifying information on my birth father. Now he has passed away but I have possibly found my half brother and sister, I've known them only 5 days. We want so much to be related.
My half brother wants to talk to the agency and see if his father's name is anywhere on the file. They won't release the file to me or to him? I thought they opened the files in Oregon. I just spoke to the boys and girls society and they said you actually won't get to see what's in your file, you can just get non-identifying information, we are trying to do that, before we actually go for a dna test.
Can you help me?
Does your original birth certificate give your father's name on it?
Adoption Genealogist
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