hi all,i hope i have some luck through this sight.i found out just recently i have a brother or sister born in the titled time frame.im posting on every state that i know my late father had lived,then afterwards im going to cover the rest of the u s. if you happen to know of or are someone born in 1954/1955 please contact me.also other common interest are biological birth father a history of navy service.and irish,catholic background.my late father has lived in cal,verm,ny,d c,va,ohio,conn.im not sure what years he lived where but its what i have to go on.also unsure my other relative would,ve been adopted,just covering all the bases.could be adopted,could be raised by mother alone,could be could be could be.please notify me if your born in that time frame.artcrayebox@yahoo.com or ajcray@hotmail.com or this forum under reply,thank you art cray.
Iam doing a volunteer search for a friend. She was born in November of 1955. Her birthmothers first name was Margret(?) My friend was adopted by a air force couple in DC, Thank You