Hi All! I know you are from many different states...but what prices ranges have you been quoted (or paid) for an International Home Study to adopt from Guatamala. How many visits did it include pre-placement? Post placement? If any of you have had one done in Oklahoma I'd love to hear your story/advice. Thanks, Jean
Ours was just under $1000. It did not take very long, we used the same agency that did our first homestudy in 1999.
The homestudy for our first adoption was at a similar cost, but there were other things that added to it. We were required to have psych tests at a cost of approx $400, adoption class, etc.
I guess it depends on the agency doing the homestudy and the state you are in and the country you are adopting from.
We paid around 2,000 for ours but we are using an out of state agency for the adoption and had to find another agency in Minnesota to do our Home study so it was more expensive, I'm not sure if we have already paid for the post-placement visits or not. Ours only took a few weeks with two visits and needed nothing from the fire marshall or have our water tested (city water). We had started priming the exterior of our house to paint last fall so it was a multi-colored eyesore during the homestudy and we had no problem.
If I understand correctly (I'd have to look it up) we will need two post-placement visists one soon after we bring our child home and one in 90? days
Post placement visits depending upon the state in which you live and/or the agency you use. Some states do not require any post placement visits and some agencies do not require them.
Our homestudy was $1000 also...seems to be pretty common took about 8 weeks from the first phone call until we received our report.
Good Luck!
Hi, We paid about $2500 for our homestudy. we live in Minnesota and had 2 home visits and will have 2 post placement visits. Good luck. Jen
We're in MN as well; home study was $2100 and included one home visit, one off-site visit and one post-placement visit.
We've had 2 homestudies (and one update) done. One homestudy was $1200 (1998 included 1 post placement), and our most recent one, January 2003 was $900.
We are in Arizona.
We live in MS We had homestudy done 6 years ago for 1250 and then pd 500 every post placement for travel, etc. this time we will pay 1650 for homestudy
Well in WI, the lowest cost I could find for a homestudy was $2850 which includes the post placement visit. This price covers all work until the baby comes home. So if I need an update it is no extra costs.
Thank you all for the input. Only one of you even came close to what I was quoted in Oklahoma. Two agencies have told me (we will use an out of state agency for the adoption and a local for the home study) somewhere between $3,000 and $3,500. I will continue to call around...that seems awfully high. Thanks again, Jean
I am also using an out-of-state agency for placement. My home study cost $1650 plus additional for the postplacement visits. It required 4 in-home visits and took FOREVER ( 5 months!)
Wow - sounds like some people are making money!!! We paid $900 - went through the home study agency that our adoption agency recommended. They were great - got everything done in about 8 weeks - we were very efficient in getting the paperwork done fast. We live in Ohio. Sounds like people really need to shop around - I couldn't imagine paying more than $1000 for a homestudy - they all offer the same service.
Eileenlm - mom to precious Ava-Lu - 14 months old:D
We just finished our last of 4 interviews for our homestudy. Our first was in the SW's office, then one with both my husband and I in our home, and the last two were individual interviews. I was told after our last interview that it will now take her 4-5 weeks to write it up and then another 4-5 weeks for it to go through the court. I had NO idea it would take so long. We live in Arizona and it cost us $1200.00.
I was also told to use this time to get ready for our son, but we decided to wait to accept a referral until after our homestudy is complete so......
I guess we will just twiddle our thumbs until we can move on to the next step.
;) B. Montano
I'm in Massachusetts and paid $3300 this time and $3500 three years ago for my previous adoption. Both includes pre and post placement services and the re-adoption in the U.S.
Maybe the costs vary so much because of state requirements? Anyway, once you see that smiling, sweet-faced baby, the cost(s) become unimportant. My husband and I called all the paperwork we went through "paper labor." My friends with bio kids get a kick out of that.
Our best wishes to you!
Jim and Eileen (dad and mom to Ava-Lu, 14 months)