Dear birthmother -
I know you haven't forgetten me! I know that you often stop and think of me, and that sometimes you wonder what I look like now, or what I'm doing. I am writing to tell you that I wonder those same things, too!
I recently recieved some non-identifying information from the adoption agency and the hospital. It felt AMAZING to see my hospital records, especially my little footprints and your fingerprint. It was so interesting to read what the adoption agency sent, too - I felt a little less empty, as well as a lot of other things, too! I cried when I looked in my mailbox and realized that the information was here - that it was finally mine, and I could finally know SOMETHING.
The truth is, birthmother, I have an unquenchable desire to KNOW you, inside and out. I want to meet you, and hear your voice, and give you a hug, and thank you for choosing to give me life. I want to see what you look like - I wonder if I look a lot like you, or if I look a lot like SOMEBODY. I want to meet my biological siblings, if I have any at all - I'm an only child, and I can only wonder what it'd be like to have a brother or a sister. I want to know if you ever told my birthfather that he has a daughter - and if you did, I want to know if he wants to meet me, too. I wonder if you like to sing, like I do, or if you ever had any pets - I never did, and I always wanted a dog! I wonder if you have ever had any medical problems, and if you ever got married. I want to know what the best day of your entire life was...I want to know everything. I hope you feel the same way, too.
I don't know how to find you, birthmother, and that's the only problem. It would be certaintly be much easier if you were looking for me too, and we found eachother, wouldn't it? Maybe sometime we'll get to meet, and talk, and answer eachother's questions.
Your Daughter
Nicole - what a beautiful letter. My heart skipped a beat reading it.
Then it about stopped when I read the part about getting a fingerprint. I have to imagine that if I had my bmoms fingerprint I would be doing anything possible to try and get someone in law enforcement/criminal backgrounds or SOMEONE to try and search for a match on that print for me. I am not sure I can think of a legal way to get that done, but I would sure be trying.
Good luck!
I am hoping to use the fingerprint somehow to find my birthmother eventually, once I have the resources to do so. Thanks for posting - I hope you have a happy ending, too.
Nicole....That was truly a Beautiful letter to your bmom!!!! She will be SO happy, and Very proud of you...I wish you luck in your search for her!!! ;)
Staci :D
I am a birthmom and wanted to tell you that your letter was so amazing! My son is going to be 1 this June and I hope that when he grows up, that he wants to know all of those things too. I am so afraid that he will resent us for what we did. Even though our adoption is open, I still feel that way.
Thank you for sharing that with us.
I am a birth mother who had to place 2 children up for adoption because of reasons that don't matter anymore, today is the the day i signed the papers 9 years ago and if your mother is anything like me she does think of you, and wonder how you are what you look like and has you in her heart. i hope you find her and are able to just hold her and feel the love that a birthmother holds for their child, adopted or not. i hope my children will have your outlook and search for me as you are for your bmom
I am a birthmother and your letter brought tears to my eyes. My son just turned 18 today, Jan 12,1987. I hope and pray he feels the same way you do about his birthmom. I'm looking forward to meeting him oneday. Goodluck on your search for you mother, i will keep you in my prayers
I only hope that my 2 children will feel the way you do. Your birthmom is a very lucky person to have given birth to such a BEAUTIFUL girl! I wish you luck in your search. May God join you together again!