Hi Everyone,
I was just curious. We are leaving Sat. for St. Petersburg. We are going to the Veseveloshk baby home. Has anyone else adopted from this baby home? We are staying in an apartment in the Nevsky Project. If you have, any hints, experiences or anything you can share would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.....
Meredith :)
Lots of folks on this group have adopted from there
Also e-mail me privately and I may be able to help you more.
we adopted from st petersberg not sure of the baby houses name but it was #12 in it was in neski propect distruct if you know the number mybe i can help
Yes, my wife and I adopted our 5yo son Andre in Oct 99 (11 mo old) from the Vsevolozhsk Baby Home. I also believe we stayed in a flat in the Nevsky Project area (Hotel Chaika). It has been a few years but the names rings a bell. The women who ran the orphanage at the time were Galina and Svetlana. We both felt that the children were truely cared for to the best of their ability at the baby home. Contact us with any questions you may have.
Thanks for all your replies. It is nice to hear good things about this baby home!! I did check out the Yahoo website, as well, thanks so much for the information. I am sure I will have more questions, I will contact you guys more later. Thanks again for sharing.
Meredith :)
My husband and I are hoping to adopt a precious 2 year old boy from the Vsevolozhsk(?) orphanage about 45 minutes outside St. Petersburg. Does anyone know anything about this orphanage?
We heard we were supposed to take "gifts" to the orphanage. Can anyone suggest what types of things we are supposed to take?
Any info to share would be most appreciated. Some of the people we have been dealing with have been helpful - others not so helpful.
Hi -
We are adopting from St. Petersburg too. But our child's orphanage is closer to the city. Have you checked out the yahoo board for St. Petersburg adopters? You need to sign up but it's free.
It's a good resource. For gifts for the orhanage workers (the caretakers of our child's group) we bot nice clinique makeup bags (you know the kind that comes as a free gift with goodies inside - you can buy them at their outlet). And we were told good hand cream is great gift idea too. Then also a gift for the head nurse and the orphanage director that we met with - still working on those but somethng a little more than what we got the caretakers I think. Also we are getting gifts for the facilitators - one of our facilitators is always very well dressed and fashionable so I bot her a lovely sweater and a wool scarf from Ireland (we were just there). For the orphanage donations we are bringing sneakers for the kids (with velcro) and I found some Carter's blanket sleepers on sale).
Hope that helps - if you search this forum for "gifts" you are sure to find some threads with other good ideas.
Oh and as for the orphanage I don't know but I'm sur ethat yahoo group would be great.
Good luck
Hi Everyone,
In 1999 I was adopted from a Children's Home in Vesevoloshk. I am in search of family, I am aware I have siblings. I've had a little luck, but I am interested in seeing if I was able to contact the Children's home or anywhere for any records of myself. I'm also just looking for general advice for the search. Thank you for your time and advice.
Replying to Aaron...
Do your adoptive parents still have any of the paperwork they were given when they adopted you? We adopted twice from Vsevolozhsk, and got quite a stack each time. I just reviewed it, and the birth parents' names are mentioned in the court decree granting the adoption. There's also the original birth certificate which lists the parents, and we also had copies of letters from each surrendering their parental rights. Those letters had home addresses on them.
Here's the information I have about the orphanage:
City of Vsevolzhsk Baby Orphanage
2-a, Khristinovsky Ave.
Vsevolzhsk, 188710, Russia
Phone #
7 (812-70) 2-6950
Galina V. Poddubnaya, M.D.