My son has not ventured to climb out of his crib....namely because I don't think he needs to because when he wants of is is generally there to get him out. He's 2 1/2 and I was considering bed size and my friends and family talked me in to two twins since the child might have sleep over guest. I purchased what I thought would work but I underestimated the effect the footboard would have on the room. They were very high sleighbeds and totally dominated the room so I sent them back. I don't want to punt the other furniture I have that's cherry wood. Someone suggested a toddler bed and I'v found one that has a cherry finish, already has the side guard rail and I can use the crib mattress. I must say I'm going to regret losing that little bit of control since he's not a climber. Do any of you have words of wisdom on the pros and cons of either of the three size beds based on my sons age of 2 1/2. Pls advise. Thxs. Angeluv
We went with the toddler bed after the crib and honestly it was a waste of money simply because our son didn't fit in it for long. At 3 years old, he went into the twin sized bed and kept it for several years until he decided on a full size bed with the huge posters in an antique store.
We really didn't have a problem with our son climbing out of bed. We would go in and read a book, say our prayers and that was it. We also had one of the moving lights in there to keep him in there relaxing to fall asleep along with his favorite classical cd playing.
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Was it an issue of height with the toddler bed. Do you at least think the toddler bed helped prepare him for the twin bed. I really don't want to go to a twin.....I'd like to ho directly to a full but friends and family talked me out of the twins due to sleep over guest. I figure boys won't be sleeping in the bed anyway.....more the floor or sleeping bags....Thxs Angeluv
The toddler beds really are the same size as a crib.. only it doesnt have that jail cell look... There are those side rails that you can now just slip under the mattresses and those are really handy.. with them you could go straight to a full size bed...
Generally speaking... when my son has company over.. they NEVER sleep in beds.. they pitch a blanket tent all over downstairs and take over the house!
We used a toddler bed when our son was the same age and he used it until he turned four. He initially got out off bed but once the novelty wore off, he was fine. It was a nice transition from the crib to the twin.
My sister put her daughter in a full size bed at the age of three and with bedrails, she is fine. If you really want a full, you could wait until he turns three and then get a full. Just an idea.
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My daughter was 2 1/2 when she went into a toddler bed. We had to add an extra rail to the side as she is a very restless sleeper and would keep falling out. My son, who is 4, also has the same sort of bed.
We opted for a toddler bed also. Our daughter went from one to her crib when she was a little over a year old. We purchased one with rails built in. She is almost 3 now & loves the bed.
Both of my children went from crib directly to full-size bed with rails. My son, who flopped around a lot and would climb out of the crib, was transitioned at 2 and my daughter, who never moved at night, was transitioned at 22 months. Neither ever had a problem in the full-sized bed. If you child flops around a lot, I would suggest putting a third rail at the foot of the bed. I took the rails off my sons bed at about 3 1/2 but probably could have taken them down sooner.
My daughter is 2 1/2 and since she's not climbing and not potty trained we're going to keep her in her crib until she's either using the potty or climbing out. She likes her crib and I like the security of keeping her in a crib.
Because she was 18 months when she came home, we bought a crib that converts to a toddler bed and then a full size bed.
Have you thought about a trundle bed? The spare bed is under the main twin and can be pulled out for overnight guests.
We'd planned on going from crib to twin bed but a friend gave us a really cute firetruck toddlerbed. Not only was it so exiting for him to have toy for a bed, he was potty training (2 1/2) so if he had to get out of bed to use the potty, I wasn't worried about him stumbling or falling out of bed. Some people have used their twin boxspring and mattress and just put it on the floor with no bed frame so their child is lower to the ground. I really didn't want to do that though. I will wait until he is too big for his toddler bed to put him in a twin which wont be for a little while.
We have a fullsize bed - currently boxspring and mattress are on the floor though Ryan's never fallen out. He's a 'traveling' sleeper - moves all over the bed so the extra space helps out.
Sorry to bring this thread back around, but I've searched and searched without getting any info on what I'm looking for
Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm really surprised how many did opt for the full size! That was my first "final" decision, for all the reasons you all listed. I just started leaning again toward the twin because the size of her room 10x12 and because that darn IKEA bunk/loft bed like all these types is so freaking cute and people do all these hacks to customize it that make it even harder to turn down. I'm sure I'll be obsessed for another couple of months. I attached pictures of the twin bed that's making this so hard for me!
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