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I am working on a story for Lifetime Television's website ([url]www.lifetimetv.com[/url]) about adoption and baby trafficking. If any of you has had a troubling experience with trafficking (either domestic or international) during your adoption quest, we would be so grateful if you would be willing to share it with our readers. So many parents are willing to do so much in order to adopt, and sadly there are unscrupulous people willing to capitalize on that eagerness. We hope our story will help protect future adoptive parents -- and perhaps even draw international attention to this terrible problem.

I realize this is an extremely sensitive subject, and I very much appreciate your help. Anyone who chooses to participate in this story has my assurances of total privacy and, of course, my utmost respect.

Thank you so much!


Jessica Reaves
for Lifetime Television
Will you do a story on a POSITIVE adoption. That story is NOT the norm... So many people have fears about adoption. It is just such a wonderful thing.
Adoption is a wonderful thing and it has AMAZING stories. the truth is that there are bad people out there and I believe Lifetime is educating all couples about adoption sothat they can be onguard and protect themselves and their families.

I would never wish what happened to us to happen to another family.
Did anyone hear about when telling your child one bad thing you should tell them 10 good things? I think thats true of telling people about adoption. Do you know how many stories I've seen on lifetime of bad adoptions? I think its about time they had some of the positives, too! Maybe they could do a short program to educate on the trafficing aspect and then do a few short interviews with people on the happier side of adoption! I've got a happy story. When lifetimes ready for happy stories I'm ready to share, too!
I Think adoption is a good thing, it sure beats the other in my opinion, and we are all human, and to do what is best for your child is what so many forget. I am touched by the whole process in multiple ways.. God Bless all the Moms that had to let go and God Bless all the Moms that are holding the hands!!! may they all find peace together!!!

I am searching for my sister born 9-2-73 born in Idaho.
your birthday is coming up, I would love to spend it with you!!!

jessica, my name is sharon and i may have a story for you about the adoption of my son it may be somthing of interest and it may not but the birth farther never got a notice and he has no help with his rights i have none but it has been twelve years the adoption was suppose to be open but when i tried to stop the final adoption with no lawyer they stopped all contact and that was the basis of me being able to do it, please contact me even if your not interested.
jessica my name is sharon and i may have a story for you. it may be of interest to you and it may not. my son was adpoted twelve years ago and the father was never contacted about the adoption from the agency and i gave them his name and he wants to get some kind of contact with him. i tried to stopthe adoption before it was final but it didn't go through we were young and had no support or counsel please contact even if your not interested or this is not what your looking for theres a lot more to this then what i wrote but too much to type or read. thank you for your time.
The media focus on the negatives of adoption is not only annoying, it's dangerous. Many are quick to shut down adoptions completely at the first whiff of trafficking, and that does nothing but sentance thousands of children to a life without even the small hope of a family.

Why these stories are so popular escapes me. Seems the happy ones...by far the majority... would bring bigger audiences. Then again, people do slow down to gawk at car wrecks. Sad.
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the aduction and illegall adoption of my daughter
i am very cautious about putting this out there. the adoption is a small part of a tragic story. I've been through a lot and so have my 2 young children. I do believe our story needs to be told BUT i dont want it to follow my children around for the rest of there life. My life up until my marriage to my husband 5 yrs ago is often compared to a "lifetime" movie and several books ive never read. I'm not sure how i feel about that. I wouldnt change a thing though. because of what has happened our apretiation for life is stronger than the average person. i prefer to talk about what happened because writing it down is too hard. you'll see why once we talk. i am willing to put it out their but im on the fence about not being anonymous.

Heather 619-519-1971 thank you.

P.s. please forgive my spelling i only have an 8th grade education
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