I am hoping that someone who in the search process , and was born in the now defunct Sacred Heart Hospital in Montgomery County, Norristown PA might have some insight to my trials regarding my medical records from birth at this hospital. The records were transferred to a nearby hospital (name withheld to validate posts from respondees) several years ago. I have contacted the hospital that received these records and was told that they had been destroyed "years ago". I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience with this particular hospital as well, or if you were successful in your request. I just cannot believe that they would not have backed these records up electronically, or to microfilm/fiche. The contact there stated that they do not need to maintain records older than 10 years, this just doesn't make sense to an educated person like myself, no trail, just destroyed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Good luck in your search/reunion and God bless.....
if the hospital you're referring to is abington memorial, i believe every word you say. i've had nothing but trouble trying to get any kind of records from them, even though i was born at amh, not sacred heart. when i've called abington though, they've been very short with me, and have not helped at all.
I know exactly what hospital you are talking about. It begins with an S...
I too was born at Sacred Heart and asked for my records. They wouldn't give them to me. I had to petion the state.
Do you still live in that area?
Wow, how funny I was too born at Sacred Heart Hospital...didn't it burn down? Or something...I was adopted right in that area after living in Norristown! I will tell you who is extremely difficult- the montgomery county offices of children & youth! They have my records & won't release them! They said there is some law preventing the release!
The reason you can't get your records is that PA has ALL adoption related records, (OBC, Adoption Decree, Hospital Records) sealed with Holy Water. Records were available to adult adoptees from 1975 until January of 1985. In 1984 PA passed the law at the urging of the -you'll love this- Catholic League to close records to the adoptees and their adoptive family. They said having records open to adoptees was a loophole that violated the promise of confidentiality guaranteed to birthmothers. Um, if the records were open when the baby was relinquished then the promise was fraudulent to begin with. In any event....
Register with ISRR [url][/url] or com
go to [url][/url] or org. It has info on the PA Medical Registry and where adoptees can send a form to to see if there are any letters of birthparent consent on file. It takes about 3months for each to respond. The medical registry will send you your Court of Finalization even if they have no medical info to give you. You can petition this court for your non id and identifying info. Though they probably won't give you your identifying.
Finally, get mad enough to send an email in support of open records to all the people at this link.
It's all the PA Senators
Tell them it's your right to know your roots, tell them the systems in place don't work. Tell them you're a citizen who votes.
I did petition the state for non-id info and got a tiny bit of info. They wouldn't even tell me what nationality i am!!! Like that is gonna violate privacy.
The hospital that they told me the records wwent to begins with a S- my brothers and sister was born there. They have no information. I have had alot of health problems and cancer indicators and it is very frustraing not to have any medical info.
I have tried ISSR. It's like a road block at every corner.!
Thanks for the help.
It was still open in 1985 as had 2 nieces born there then. Try Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, or Suburban General Hospital in Norristown, PA
The montgomery county office of children and youth is actually located in the same building that used to be sacred heart hospital. Funny stuff, but true!