Hello, I was told I was born Karen Mallet, 6-24-1964., in
Athol,MA...and that my mother Althea Deveneau, bd 3-27-1946
married my bf Donald Mallet, bd unknown...was told they were
married 6-16-1964.....they had me 6-24-1964...and shortly after
that had marriage annulled...or divorced?...I was told I was born
premature....due date was 9-28-1964.....
2 years later on my birthday my mom remarried a man in MI
and he adopted name changed to Karon Wilson....
I was told I have at least 3 other siblings, I lived with for awhile,
assuming they were my father Donald Mallet's kids....from pre-
vious marriage...
Reasons also to believe my mom's marriage to Donald Mallet
may have been prearranged just to give me a name...
also reasons to believe I may be a twin....I was only 2lbs60z
at birth.......
any way's long story short......much info left out of this thread
but the pieces to the puzzle don't add up at all with all the
things I've heard thru the years......I've been searching online
for 7 years.....and can't find no family history at all....not even
under my mothers maiden name...or her parents.....ectra
If anyone can help me at all I would really appreciate it, I
live in only hope for answers right now are online,
My mother Died June 6, 2004...
Got a hit on Donald Mallet, still living very close to Athol. Will type up a PM and send you the info now.
- Matt
If you are still searching for your family, I am your cousin Patty mother and your father were brother and sister..I live in NC with my husband Bill. I saw your name on google when I was searching for something and couldn't believe what I was reading..It was a post you sent out on the sight in 2004...If you see this post, please call me 910-515-5026..I don't have any answers that you are looking for..But I haven't seen you since you were 2 - 3 yrs old..That's when your dad, my uncle Donald and your mother got an annulment..and moved back to MI..I know my Uncle Donald really loved your mom..I never heard anything about what went on at that time..You have many cousins..and I know we would all love to hear from you...I hope you see this soon..Take Care..
Hello Karon. I was just taken back to see this post this morning. I had just been on the computer looking for your mom. She was a friend of my mother and I lived with you and your family in Michigan. Please pm me so we can talk. I will give you my number through pm. Rosemarie