expunged juvenile record
Anybody had experience w/ USCIS requiring juvenile court records that no longer exist?

We just received a letter from USCIS stating that they can't complete processing of our I600A until they receive "original certified court dispositions" pertaining to DH's arrest as a juvenile (stupid, stupid, stupid - he was with a bunch of guys who shoplifted beer for a party). Young DH turned himself into the juvenile court and agreed to probation. Upon completion of the probation, his record was expunged, so the court has no records.

I just called the court to doublecheck, and sure enough, they have no records. The letter from USCIS says "f the court is unable to provide any of the above listed items for any reasons, you must submit a letter of explanation printed on court letterhead with an original signature."

The best the court says they can do for us is issue a certificate w/ a raised seal indicating that they show no records for DH for a specified number of years. Anybody know if this will do the trick?

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