Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights Form
If anyone is interested in the form for a parent to voluntarily relinquish their parental rights let me know and I can send it to you free of charge. I spent many hours searching for this little booger and I don't think it should cost anything since it's a legal form.
I would love to have that form, please. I would also like any more information you have on the step parent adoption process for Texas. My sons biological father is ready to give up all rights but was told that unless he was a druggy there is no way I could do it.
Thanks so much
I would really appreciate the form. My email addy is mills214512@hotmail.com Thanks so much.
OH MY GOSH!!! I have been looking for this form for quite some time! Would you please send it to me?
My email is groovingram1@yahoo.com! Thank you!!!
Yes Please
Would love to have this form it would be a great help to us Thanks Bea My email addy is ldyjane60@aol.com
please send me the form. My email is angiefay76@hotmail.com

Thanks so much, I've been looking for this as well.

I could really use that form for voluntary relinquishment. My email address is dragonswind22@hotmail.com. Thanks alot and I'm glad you found it!

purple [FONT=courier new]courier[/FONT] I would like to get a copy of that please.
voluntary relinquishment form
I have been searching endlessly for this form and would really appreciate your help. My e-mail address is:
thank you
Need that form
I too, would really love that form. Thanks.

I would love to have that form, could you please email it to me.
I greatly appreciate it. smelton1976@yahoo.com
Could I please have this as well. Thanks bunches. ebony@cox-internet.com
I'd like that form please.

I would really appreciate the forms. I am just starting the process and can use any help I can Get. My email is:
cncobb@si.rr.com. Thanks.

//Chuck Cobb
I just want to make sure I've emailed everyone that has asked for this form? I know I've checked a few times a day for any response to this website and I just don't want anyone to think I've ignored them. I am still frequently checking this forum and if you are interested in this form or the step-parent "adoption & termination" peition I've got it also.
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