Hi there and thanks for caring.
I was adopted to NY and I was given the birth names; Sandra Friedlander and Robert Frytag (spelling?). I am now posting and registering anywhere I can to get the word out in the hope that the family will be looking and also to see if anyone has any ideas besides this site for free registry posting (I already posted on the registry here and also ISSR) and what else I can do in my own "camp" to search, I guess (I was already advised about applying for a birth certificate and contacting the court and I am a bit confused about that stuff still. I don't know my birth name.)
I have posted elsewhere in this forum but to review, I was born with Syphilis and I understand along with being Jewish and born out of "wedlock" (what a word, huh?) why my mommy gave me up. I would like to tell her that I love her and that I understand. I hope to meet her and my whole family if possible even way before we all get to the next level of our existance ie; in the spirit. It would give me great peace. Not a day goes by that my spirit does not grieve for my own flesh and blood. I feel a deep ackwardness that is hard to describe. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I mean truly I am a citizen of heaven but even in earthly terms, I feel detached from the family of man. I have done my best to overcome and God is Merciful. I believe that God will unite us all. I believe in faith with works and here are my works that I post and search and God will Bless the works of my hands. I pray all the time for a quick reunion because I am at a crossroads in my life at the age of 34 now, thank God. I hope that anyone that reads this will also be encouraged to keep on believing God for the impossible. Don't give up on your dream! Keep at it! Just ask God, Trust Him, thank Him and start taking steps to achieve your goal. Faith with works, you see. And then give of yourself to help others and love others. That's part of what I am doing right now! I pray outloud here and encourage but mostly in my prayer closet alone with the Holy One of all existence. He hears. I pray for all the lives represented here in this forum. I believe the Power of God will hit this whole network and miracles will begin to happen like never before in the history of this forum and website. Don't ever give up on God! He is alive and He has perfect timing. You may not get your answer right away and maybe because He wants to work stuff out in your heart first. But hey, I am only informing you that this "adoptee" and visitor to this forum will be praying for you all. And if He says no, I will pray again, and if He says no again, I will pray again. Moses prayed 400 times to go into the land of Israel (the letter that =400 is large in hebrew in that word where it describes him praying) and finally God said Enough! Don't talk to me anymore about this matter! (that's in the beginning of deutoronomy) That means that if he had prayed one more time, he would have been answered yes. Sometimes yes is just not the best answer for us. Moses actually did not pray again. But he knew he touched God. I know this too, from Moses, now. I am determined for all you who are searching for your family because I know the cries of your hearts and I tell you to have courage and only believe! Hey, I wish you the best is what I am saying. And those who would help me, well God will Bless you and I thank you sincerely!
Abraham Weiss