I realize that most papers arent going to devote much time and energy to NAAM until after the elections have come and gone҅so my article hasnt made the paper yet҅
How about everyone else? Any publications?
I've been lazy... I havent submitted yet. But I have a short story for them that I was hoping for them to print in their ann landers/ similar column. I promise to get it in by Thursday. (someone please check up on me!)
I'm not much of a writer, but I have done some 'public service' announcement type posts on several lists that I am on and contacted a friend who is a reporter.
Holding an information session in my home later this month. Have announced it at my church so far...there are 4 other adoptive couples in our congregation. I plan to try to advertise it around town too--maybe at the library or my childen's schools. I feel that I have some knowledge and experience. I am gathering other facts and handouts to distribute too.
grrr! I didnt turn it in to them! OK monday. This week I was super busy with College plans and that ... I dont want to say it... election.