I wrote a letter to the editor and was printed today!
I hope other people have added their voices to adoption month and will share the links to the papers they are printed in!
If you haven't and would at least like to add your voice to mine, in this paper on the Gulf Coast, please feel free. I suspect many people will write in disagreement to me who are locals...
Another person wrote about international adoptions too.
I read your letter and I think its awesome!
Anyone that can lend their voice to adoption helps dispel the social stigmas for the triad, which helps everyone!
I will definitely write about my experiences as an adoptee raised in open adoptionThanks for posting!
I wrote and submitted basically just my story plus a bit of educational stuff. It was short, but I got it done in the midst of a falling depression...
It was like dandelion fluff in the wind...
But hopefully one seed of change will grow.
And I will hear of it later...