Children's Home Society Adoptions

Children's Home Society was a very popular adoption agency in many states. Be sure and post the city and state of birth and I will try to locate an office for you where you can request non-identifying information from CHS.

Typical information that is provided to the adopee about the birth parents is:

A. Age of birth parents at the time of relinquishment
B. State of birth of birth parents
C. Marital status of birth parents
D. Other siblings born before the adoptee to the birth parents
E. Physical description of birth parents
F. Ethnicity of birth parents
G. Religion of birth parents
H. Occupation of birth parents
I. Education of birth parents
J. Information about aunts, uncles and grandparents such as ages and occupations
K. Reason for relinquishment

Typical information that is provided to birth relatives is:

A. Ages of adopting parents at the time of adoption
B. Other children in the adoptive family, biological and adopted
C. Physical description, ethnicity, occupations and education of adopting parents
D. Date of birth of relinquished child

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Thanks for adding this!
I was adopted thru the Children's home society in Greensboro NC.
Born 12/12/64
I have all the non id and have used search groups and companies with no success,.
Hopefully this will open a few more doors.
CHS California
This is my first post and thought I could start here. I just wanted to say I was adopted through CHS of Oakland, Ca. in 1959 @ 2 Months. At some point early in my life I recieved my non-id paper, it stated that my birth mother was a Polish Nursing Student and my B-father was a Fillipino Merchant Marine. Three years ago I reunited with my B-Mother. I told her all I knew, she told me that both her and my father met while working in a hospital but were not students and my father wasn't in the Merchant Marines, tho, he is Fillipino, my mother does come from a Polish background, she also comes from a very Jewish background. She traced her family tree back to a 17th Century Rabbi.
So what I'm trying to say is, they weren't all wrong but the non-id paper wasn't all right either. Take it with a grain of salt and good luck.
Good advice! Many non-identifying information reports are not 100% accurate. Some are part truth and part fiction. It's really never known for sure if the Social Worker recording the biological family history altered the information or if the birth mother or biological family member giving the information altered the facts. Sometimes it is both. Some birthmothers gave fictional information because they were afraid that they would be found out if they gave true information. Some Social Workers altered the information for reasons unknown. However, there is usually enough truth in the report to be able to eventually sort out the the facts that are not true.

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Hi, i was adopted thru the CHS in Miami, Fl
I was born 7/11/72 in Miami Fl
Any info you could give me on how to contact them would be appreciated

Welcome to the Search and Reunion Message Board!

Children's Home Society
(305) 326-1054
800 NW 15th St
Miami, FL 33136

If you know the name of the adoption agency you should contact them first to request information from the adoption file in their office. You might also ask what other services they will provide you. To receive non-identifying information if the adoption was facilitated independently or through the State welfare department, contact:

For adoption related information and records:
Florida Department of Children and Families
1317 Winewood Boulevard, Building 7
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
(850) 921-2177
Fax: (850) 488-0751

Non-Identifying Information: Non-identifying information is available to adopted adults age 18 or older and adoptive parents.

Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older or adoptive parents can receive information regarding the birth parents if the birth parents have given written consent to disclosure. Birth parents can receive information on adopted adults age 21 or older if the adopted adult or birth parents have given written consent to disclosure.

Adoption Registry: Any of the following persons can consent to have information released: adopted adults, birth parents, adoptive parents, biological siblings, and biological grandparents. A court, upon petition of adopted adult for good cause shown, may either open the adoption records or hire an intermediary to locate and advise each birth parent of the registry (if not registered).

Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
Florida Dept of Children and Families
1317 Winewood Blvd
Building 6, Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
(850) 921-2177
Fax: (850) 488-0751

Original Birth Certificate: An adoptee must petition the court in which the adoption was finalized.

Other great websites to check out:
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[url=] - Information on International, Domestic, Child & Agency Adoptions, Stories, Laws -[/url]
[url=]Adopting - Adopt a Baby, Child, Infants, Kids, Older, Services, International, Information China -[/url]
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Looking for...
[font=Comic Sans MS]I know that my daughter must be 21 for me to get any non-identifying information, but she is 18 today and I want her to know that I am really wanting to meet her. She was born December 16, 1986 in Bradenton, Florida. The counselor that I worked with at the Children's Home Society was Lynne Remo. The city of adoption was Bradenton/Sarasota, Florida. I hope this helps her in her search. Thank you.[/font]
Thank you for the info, but i have a question. I went to the CHS website and they want to charge $200 for my non-id information. Is that the norm? I was told since that info belongs t me i have the right to it for free!
Any help would be appreciated
the information from the CHS in NC does not cost anything. They have post adoption department and are very happy to help you.
I can't imagine why they would ask for money. Which state are you in?
Chs grandaughter was born in Buffalo, NY sometime between 1973/74. Her mother, (my daughter) is deceased and I am trying to find this grandchild. My daughter had severe mental disabilities and when the baby was 3/6 months old my daughter left the child alone. I don't know who reported the incident but the child was taken away by some organization. I was living 3000 miles away at that time and never knew any of this till three years ago. I have posted messages on many sites and even paid an investigative agency of good reputation. So far all is in vain. I now have paid an intermediary to petition the court due medical purposes. I have advanced cancer along with other deseases that can affect other biological members of the family. Do you think this will be successful? I vowed to find this child as she has 3 half sisters who are desperate to meet and know her.......Sincerely........Antoinette
I went through CHS and it cost me $400 in VA. But, it was worth every bit of it.

iso birth family
I was adopted through CHS in San Diego California. My birthday is December 13, 1982. I received my non-id info, but it didn't get me that much closer to finding my birth parents.
I was born in vineland n.j . and my adoption was handeled through the c hs in trenton, i have sent away for my backround imformation on two seperate occasions the first time i recieved more in depth info, and it was free, the second time many years later i recieved very vaeg info, and it was simular to the previous one but in some ways diffrent and half the length . they charged me $50.00 for it and a bunch of applications for other requests. up to $400.00, I am really confused and do not know if i should believe any or all info i recieved? signed confused
IMO - CHS possibly useless - or just greedy
I was adopted by the CHS in Washington State. Several years ago I was told it would cost me $150 to get this information. Not only that, I did extensive searching on adoption forums & found that other people had similar "non-identifying information" to what I already had (info my mom was given at time of adoption). I mean were all of these adoptions so shiny & perfect (She was active in the Glee Club, loved to play piano, only 118 pounds, excellent grades, etc.)?

It just struck me as odd that they were similar, and I thought it was possible that CHS could have altered some of the histories a little to make the situations look better than what they actually were. Plus it just irritated me that I should have to give them any money at all beyond a small admin fee and a S.A.S.E.

Anyway, recently I found on the net that in Washington State you ARE entitled to your non-identifying info by law & you can request it from the county you were adopted in. For a fee of $9 or something (not exactly sure, but something like that).

FUNNY HOW CHS DIDN'T TELL ME THAT, RIGHT? Wonder what that $150 would have gone to, anyway? I went on their website today and had to search & search before I found even the SLIGHTEST reference on adoption search help. Give me a break.
I was born in West Palm Beach, FL on February 10, 1968 allegedly at the Good Samaritan Hospital. My birth mother gave me up at birth and on May 10, 1968 at the age of three months, I was placed with my adoptive parents after being in 6 different foster homes. I was place by the Children's Home Society of Florida by Trudy J. Brown, who left the agency the day before my 18th birthday. My adoptive parents... well, let's just say they're not worth explaining and the agency should have done their homework better before placing me with that family.

I met my birth mother in 1988 and we never thought about getting my birth records opened right away. Our reunion was faciliatated by Children's Home Society of Florida, and both my Mom and me had to sign releases in order for them to contact the other and arrange the meeting. Her name was Gail Darlene Fox and she was born in November of 1948.

On July 31, 1993, she was killed in a bicycle/automobile accident in the city of Stone Mountain, GA, right outside of Atlanta.

I wrote to the Children's Home Society of Florida to request my records, and they told me I would need my birth mother's signature. I explained the situation, and they would not concede, they demanded that even though my birth mother is dead, I MUST have HER signature.

I was told that Florida recently (within the last 7 years) passed legislation that if a birth parent dies, the records can be opened. It's apparant that CHS is not going to offer any help here, so how do I go about finding out what this legislation is and how to use it? I currently live in Kansas and although I am very close with my biological family, I want to have my records opened and have my original birth certificate reinstated and have all traces of my adoptive family erased as much as I possibly can.

Any suggestions?


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