Christmas gift for caseworker?
Ok here I am again with another gift giving question. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. Is it appropriate to purchase a gift for our adoption caseworker? She is a big part of our lives and we are so thankful for her role in helping us to become parents to our boys. I am unsure about the gift thing because she is a government worker. Please advise and also if you are giving your caseworker a gift, what is it?
Hi how about an ornament something meaningful, maybe with your family name on it or the kids.
I sent homemade chocolates and a card. However I agree with Savannah, an ornament, a thank you note, something that has meaning. I wish there was an adoption store close by so that I can purchase things with meaning.
I don't know if the workers there are allowed to accept gifts, but I think a "brag book" would be nice, as I'm sure they get alot of pictures from happy adoptive families. I also think a heartfelt note is one of the best gifts.
Well, when my partner went to Hawaii a few months back, we brought in a box of candy for her to share with office mates. For the holidays, we are just sending a card with foster son's picture with Santa inside.
In TN, gifts are not allowed. I tried to give ours a gift one time and she couldn't take it. She was so concerned about hurting my feelings, but I totally understood since it can be considered "bribery". Go figure! I think the brag book is great idea, though, if it's allowed.
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