Florida Searchers/Please Read and respond
Did you know that if you were given up in Flordia that the state will give you the name of the foster home that you lived in ? They told me that my foster parents were Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and I was wondeing if there is a way to locate them. I know that my b-mother was also in "foster care" and wonder if she was in the same home.
yes that came with non-id
when my husband received his non-id (he was born in St. Petersburg ,Florida in 1958)a few months ago it stated he had been housed in what they termed a "boarding house" called Spangler's Boarding House. I wonder if it was called such because Spangler was the Foster Parent's last name...hmmn anyway just thought i would mention it....

Who did you contact for this information? I was in two foster homes that I can remember, the last was "The Greens" they were an elderly couple who moved from a house to a trailer in the country, they had a daughter named Vivian who lived in trailer next to them with her husband and I remember a little boy named Jeremy(another foster child). We have a picture of him with us (me and my little sister). The first foster family I was too young to remember their name but they treated me like I was their own child. They had a daughter of their own, they drove a white volkswagon van, their house was on stilts, and they took me to the strawberry festival before I was taken somewhere else...
I was Adopted in from FLA in 1961 and ill tell you there were allot of catholic Organizations that were handling these adoptions. Maybe Spangler house was a organization. You could search corporate or Non profit LLC licenses also search new papers of that time. I found the legal firm that handled my adoption from a add in Miami News paper.
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