So this post could go on forever if I typed everything out. I am wondering what my options are. The CM in our case has done several things that my husband and I have taken as being inappropriate/not in the best interests of the children/neglectful. Our FSW and her superior agree and will be having a meeting with her supervisor. I just want to get a third opinion and maybe someone can give me some perspective. I don't dislike her as a person and I realize that she has a very busy job. I also don't want there to be punitive action taken against her. I just don't want to see these children put in a bad situation. Here is a list of things we have been displeased with:
-Does not know the children's names.
-Emailed me the night before Permenancy Hearing and asked if all six had court the next day
-Submitted her report to the court the morning of the hearing.
-Confused the children's diagnosis/ narratives and put pieces of different narratives on the wrong child's case plan.
-Told us that BD of the youngest three would be a great adoptive resource. (After we disclosed that he strangled oldest FD, and had dependency problems)
-Cursed at me
- Called BM a deadbeat
- The youngest is set to RU with dad who is not BD. He is not with the BM. We brought this up to the case worker and argued that he was the birthfather. We showed her the birth certificate and asked if she could have a copy.
-After the biology incident - told us that the RU father was going to sign a medical waiver for her surgery
- Did not know enough about the case to answer questions in court
-Went from 1 hr supervised visits to 4 hour unsupervised after BD had a 4 month absence.
Wow just wow
I'm sorry to say I haven't any advise other than what you're already pursuing.
Hang in there.
Noahs-I do not find that to be true, I have fostered in 2 states and although I don't always agree with the decisions, I have never encountered such gross incompetence as the original poster has described!!
Wow so sorry you guys are going through this with your worker! I agree this is not the norm in most areas! I would document everything and go up the "chain of command" if necessary! Hang in there
I have seen some information get "mixed up" between siblings but once brought to there attention it was quickly fixed and updated through the courts!
Hope things are getting better and update us soon!