Medicaid across state lines
How long does it take for the child's medicaid to be transfered to your state once the child is placed in your home?

How to pay in the mean time?
It took approximately 4 months in our case. In the meantime, we had to pay out of pocket. We were told (by the doctor's office) that we'd be reimbursed, but that never actually happened. Good luck!
in both of my adoption situations
I sent the bill or reciept to the sw of the agency that still have custody of the child and they either paid me back or paid the bill...

It took about 2 months to get medicaid in this state and the other state we lived in....
Good Luck is right
My FD has been in our home for 13 months - we just got her medicaid card last month with my first name, her last name and a completely different birthdate. We've been paying out of pocket and sending the receipts to DYFS for reimbursement. That process only takes about 45 days.
Can you take a FC to any doctor and get reimbursed OR does it have to be an approved doctor by the agency involved? I need to take our niece for her physical however I'm not sure if I can just take her to my Biological daughter pediatrician and then send the bill to the SW in Idaho or if they need to approve the doctor. Anyone know? She'll need the physical to enroll in school here. Thanks
I know in Kansas they must be a pre-approved Medicaid provider and are covered with the medical card.

good luck
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