For any of you that have adopted from Kherson in the past (like us) or that just want an idea of what the conditions are like there, here are some pictures taken recently. The person that took them is hoping to raise funds to help update their laundry facilities, they are in terrible shape.
The password is Kherson, hope it works
What orphanage is this in Kherson? We adopted from Kherson in 2004, and these pictures are not even close to the condition of our orphanage. Of course, the conditions did not compare to U.S. but they truly know how to provide for the children based on the few essentials they have.
Do you know any more information on the fundraiser?
We adopted from the baby house in Kherson city, they have children up to 2 or 3 years old, then they go to a different orphanage. I believe there is only one baby house in Kherson, but I might be wrong. It was in as bad a shape as this when we were there in 2001. I will send you some pictures that we took of the outside of the building and the ladies that worked there, but it sounds like we were in 2 different places. The third picture is of some of the ladies on National Teacher's Day, October 1
Thank you for the pictures. We adopted older children probably from the next orphanage that the children go to after reaching age 3. Our children were 5 and 7. The orphanage wasn't in great shape, but if was far from the pictures you are showing. Matter of fact, they were ceramic tiling the halls and stairs when we were there. The group rooms seemed very clean and well kept up.