Hi forum friends need your adivice ASAP
Our DD 11 yrs old has come home from school this week with head lice! :( Need your remedys as soon as possible. I really want to avoid using RID etc due to the side effects. Both of our girls have asthma and the warnings on the RID bottle are scarry.
Our ped recommended mayo and tea tree oil but didn't give specific directions. Please help. If you have had success with a "natural" non toxic remedy olive oil, mayo, tea tree oil, etc PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your remedy and recommendations to me. Thanks!
I want her to be bug free before Christmas! :grr: :grr:
I am soo sorry this has happened!!
We did the mayo thing last spring. Doused the whole head and waited 30 minutes then rinsed. We had to wash and wash to get the oil type stuff out but have been lice free since. I was also told to always blow dry their hair, nits dye in heat. If true I am not sure.
Also, make sure you get a nit comb and really go through it carefully.
Best of luck!
Rid doesn't actually kill lice. Just paralizes them so you can rmove them.
The best thing to do is to put baby oil in her hair leave on for as long as possible, even hours( put a plastic bonnet over her head). This will suffocate them. Use a come to comb everything out. I would do this for several days until yyou no longer see anything. Wash everything in hot water. They need a body to survive but I would do what you can to sanitize.
Good luck.
Wow, I'm almost affraid to post over here...lots of lice threads today :p
Lots of good info on a thread that was posted earlier!
Well...wouldn't you know we just came back from a weekend in Coban, Guatemala, and both Myra and I have head lice. Or at least the 'eggs' because I can see them on the individual shafts of Myra's hair. We stayed at a comfortable hotel...that seemed clean, but I guess lice can be hidden anywhere.
So my question is...can this mayonaisse/tree tea oil remidy kill the nit eggs too? Or just the live lice? Who knows, maybe we have the eggs and the lice...but I only see the eggs in Myra's hair. But our heads already itch...that's how I noticed that we had it.
It should be fun washing all our clothes and bedding in 'hot' water too...considering the washing machine here only has cold water.
Not that we ever need this...but I just did NOT need to be dealing with this right now. BeBe...good luck, I hope you're able to get things cleared up with your daughter's lice quickly.
Here's something I posted recently:
My daughter, now 10, got lice two years ago. It seems to go around in her rather upscale private school frequently, and I'm lucky that she hasn't had it more often.
It almost doesn't matter what you put on the head, as long as it is either medicated enough to kill the live lice or thick enough to suffocate them. Nix is usually fine, and our pediatrician prefers it to Rid. Full-fat mayonnaise works fine too, but it may take you three or four shampoos in a row, afterwards, to keep your child's head from looking like it's full of Vaseline.
Our pediatrican recommends mayonnaise only if Nix fails to kill the live lice with one application, since it is so unpleasant to use. However, both Nix and Rid contain chemicals that should not be applied to a child too often, so use of mayo is sometimes necessary.
What you have to remember, however, is that killing the live lice is the "easy" part, and only a first step. To prevent a recurrence of lice, you must kill every single "nit" -- louse egg -- that the lice attached to your child's hair strands. Nits are NOT killed by louse shampoo, no matter what brand you use, or by products like mayonnaise or tea tree oil, because they are encased in a tough coating and "glued" to the hair shafts. And if you leave even one nit in your child's hair, it will turn into a louse and start the whole cycle again.
Killing nits involves the laborious work of going through every single strand of your child's hair with a nit comb (extra fine teeth) every day for about a week after you use the lice shampoo or mayonnaise. You must literally look at each strand, use the comb to dislodge any nits you see on the strand, then wipe the comb on a tissue to get rid of them. Most lice shampoo kits come with a nit comb and, sometimes, a small tweezer, for this purpose.
I must tell you that neither you nor your child will have fun "nit-picking" (yes, that's how the expression got started). The nit comb has such narrowly spaced teeth that you are almost certain to pull your child's hair several times, no matter how carefully you proceed. And if your child's hair is long -- as my daughter's is -- it could take you 45 minutes a day or longer to do the combing thoroughly.
Also, it's not all that easy to find the nits. You will have to sit in a room with a strong light, and you may want to use a magnifying glass. The nits will usually appear as tiny white or ivory dots, sort of oval or round in shape. You may mistake them for dandruff, although dandruff flakes usually have an irregular shape. The good news is that the nits show up better on straight, dark hair (like that of many Guatemalan kids) than they do on curly blonde or red hair.
It's often good to have a Mom who has already been through a couple of cases of lice show you how to use the nit comb properly. If your child is of school age, the school nurse can show you how to use it.
Once you have found that your child has lice, you will need to wash all her recently used bedding and clothing in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer. If any bedding or clothing is not washable, it can be commercially dry cleaned.
Upholstered furniture and carpeting, as well as car seats and car upholstery, should be vacuumed well. Stuffed animals can be put in plastic bags and sealed up for two weeks. Combs, hair ornaments, etc. should be discarded or washed in alcohol or hot soapy water.
Schools, day care centers, etc. have different policies about what to do with a child who has lice. Some have a strict "no nits" policy, and require you to keep your child out until the school nurse certifies that there are no live lice OR nits. Some require you to keep your child out just until you have begun lice treatment.
Fortunately, given how common lice are, these critters don't cause much harm. If a child has a heavy infestation, or is very sensitive, her scalp may itch. And if she scratches with dirty fingernails, she could get a skin infection.
But, unfortunately, if your child gets lice, she can pass them to other family members, and to her friends, before you realize that she has the critters. So always check everyone in the family for lice and nits. And if she has been playing with friends, you might want to alert their Moms to do a head check.
Thanks Yall
Just Bumping it up
Keep the advice coming please
Just did our 2 yr old Guate Tot in the Mayo (about a cup) to 10 drops tea tree oil and put on plastic bonnet and waited 10 minutes . Then washed with shampoo that contains tea tree oil. Rinse in very warm water. Used lice comb (rid comb) and found 2 bugs in her hair :grr: :grr: one was dead and the other was dying. I wiped it out on a towel and but Baby Magic Creamy baby OIL o n the live one and it killed it instantly. So may try the BABY MAGIC CREAMY BABY OIL ON 11 YR OLD. She hates Mayo (wont eat it at all) and is having a FIT about me putting on her hair :grr: :grr: So I am gonna try the baby oil on hers 1st.
Please keep it coming :thankyou:
When my oldest daughter was in first grade... a lice 'epidemic' went around her school.. She has long, thick, dark hair... A real nightmare, but would have been worse if she'd been blonde....
We found that combing through her hair with white vinegar loosened the 'glue' of the nits on her hairshaft and made them easier to comb out. Also used the creamy baby oil and she slept in a shower cap with it on her hair... washed everything in the house.. vacuumed a couple times a day, sealed up all of her stuffed animals or things that couldn't go through the wash and finally eradicated... the vinegar and baby oil (creamy) were the best and I've had friends who used that as well and swear by it...
Good luck! I pray every day that we never have this problem again... my head itches just thinking about what you're going through! I'll pray for you!!!
Take care,
You guys have given some great advice! I agree especially with Sharon--I have been through head lice several times now (yuck!)--where do they get it, anyway? I would take it on our sons any day over our daughters--the short hair is much easier to deal with.
With my older daughter (and this was several years ago) we spent an hour a day combing through her long hair to try to get every nit. We also used some kind of cream rinse (I guess maybe baby oil would work, too) just to make the nit comb go through more easily.
When my younger daughter had head lice a couple of summers ago, Rid didn't even work on the live lice--they seem to have been immune. We did use some kind of commercial product that had tea tree oil, that smelled very strong but was effective on the live ones; then we just had to comb out her hair every day for the next week to get the nits out. BTW, you can't always see the nits at first--it might take a few days for them to get big enough to see to remove.
Good luck! I think if I ever get them I'll just shave my head--wonder what dh would say?
There was just a thread yesterday or the day before about lice..I found some natural products on line..NITMIX, Folicel etc..check out that thread..
I def agree not to use a toxic chemcial on a child never know what can be absorbed through the scalp..
Once you treat them, the best way to avoid getting them in the first place is to put hairspray in your child's hair each morning. Lice LOVE clean, fresh hair. They don't like hairspray or hair gel. ( ER Pediatrician I used to work for gave this advice) Good luck!
Another suggestion is to braid your child's hair or style it in a way that doesn't let it hang loose. Many kids get lice when their long flowing hair touches the hair of an infected child, as they play or study close together. Just be sure to unbraid it every night, so that you can be sure no lice have gotten in.
Always remind your child not to share hats, combs, hair ornaments, scrunchies, etc. This is probably the #1 way that lice are transmitted, especially among little children.
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