Advertisements my birth fathers name. he was born 12/1/1961 and i was told he came to TN shortly after my adoption. I am looking for him and would like some kind of contact with him. if you know someone who matches this please reply back or send me an email. it would be greatly appreciated.
Try [url][/url]. I found two men with 1961 dob's with your father's name. Good luck!
thanks! i tried to look it up but i couldn't find any with that dob. the only ones that showed up were DOB 1978,1951, and you have a membership there?
Last name Messa is in Homestead, FL, born 12/61.
The other one is Joseph P Tidwell in Seveirville, TN, no dob is listed.
i looked further into the one in sevierville, TN and his age is 56. but he's the only one i've found that ALSO goes by Joseph Paul Massa! is that just a coincidence or did he maybe change his DOB? (i heard at one time his purpose for coming to TN was to run from the law...)
just wanted to let you know that i believe i have found him and have obtained a phone number...wish me luck!
This is a total long shot, I know this post is 10 years old. But I'm wondering if you were ever able to contact your birth father? I know him, my husband and I are trying to help him right now, and i would love to know if you were ever able to contact him, if so, how that went. If you weren't able to, I'd love to help you. I would be happy to talk to you more about this. Or if you've already contacted him and for whatever reason don't want anything to do with him, I totally understand that too.