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Hello all searchers:

I am looking for anyone who was at St. Ann's in Los Angeles, CA in early 1969. I am looking for a possible name of my birthmother who gave birth to me on April 17, 1969. She is African America and was 15 years old at the time of my birth. If any of you birthmothers were there around that time and may remember a name or anything, it would be very helpful in my search.


CBI 1969

I don't know if you got your information yet. So here it is.

Denmon_____, F. BM Gill
Gomez______, F. BM Palacio
Howard______, F. BM Steele
Luevanor_____, F. BM Luevanor
Simental______, F. BM Luevanor

Hopes this helps
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