This post is a SHOT IN THE DARK. . .
Is there anyone out there with the ANSWER to finding my BIRTH FATHER. . . . .
In my mind. . I can't think of a way, but I thought if I threw this out in the forum, maybe, JUST MAYBE. . .
there IS A WAY
i hope so. . . . . . :grr: :confused:
I found mine with only his birthday which was provided from my no id info from the state. i searched all births on that date & matched with other info that was provided
Hi Amy, I'm new to this group but I may have a few hints for you while trying to find your dad. If you've recieved your original birth registration and it's blank for you father's name does it have an address or telephone number? If so you can go to canada411 and search using reverse address to get the name associated with that address. If all else fails you can go through the freedom of information act and get your file but if there's no listing for your father in there then I'm out of hints. I'm sorry for your pain but right now I'm going through the exact same thing, I'm looking for a father with no name and my birthmother, which I'm having no luck. Do you have any hints for that?
Have you tried canada 411 where you input an address and or telephone number? sometimes you'll find a name associated with that and call them to find out who they are and if they ever had a child that fit your description
How did you do that no id from the state because I have all of my information but I still can't manage to do anything, could you tell me how you search for someone only using their birthday
The name provided by my b/mum on the birth registration is not my birth father. I met the man and had DNA and he is not it.
I was wondering if there is any place in Canada that we can give blood and someone searches through a database for a match?
[font=Comic Sans MS]That reminds me of a really interesting article that was posted on another forum....[/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS]Teenager finds sperm donor dad on internet
Result may spell end for donor anonymity in US
[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]Ian Sample, science correspondent
Thursday November 3, 2005
[url=""]The Guardian[/url] Guardian Unlimited Guardian Newspapers Limited 2005
Using nothing more than a swab of saliva and the internet, a 15-year-old boy has tracked down his anonymous sperm donor father, according to details released today.
[font=Comic Sans MS]
By sending a swab taken from the inside of his cheek for genetic testing, the teenager was able to use genealogy websites to trace his father by looking for men with a matching Y-chromosome, which is passed down the male line.
The genetic detective work has major implications for men who have donated sperm under condition of anonymity and expect their identity to remain secret for ever. The news is expected to lead to a surge of other donor children attempting to find their genetic fathers, according to experts. But the implications stretch beyond the ethical issues surrounding children hunting for their genetic fathers. The boy's ability to use publicly available genetic tests and internet searches suggests that police forces could do the same and obtain the surnames of potential suspects with DNA samples gathered from crime scenes.
The boy took the saliva sample late last year and sent it off to an online genealogy DNA-testing service called For a fee of $289 (ɣ163) the boy had his genetic code available for other members of the site to search. Although the boy's genetic father had never supplied his DNA to the site, after nine months the boy was contacted by two men who were on the database and whose Y-chromosome matched his own. The two men did not know each other, but shared a surname, albeit with a different spelling, and the genetic similarity of their Y-chromosomes suggested there was a 50% chance that the two men and the boy shared the same father, grandfather or great-grandfather.
The surname was the clue the boy needed. His mother had been told his father's date and place of birth and his degree subject, even though his name remained a secret. With the growing pile of information, the boy turned to another internet service,, which he used to buy information on everyone born in the same place and on the same date as his father.
Only one man had the surname he had obtained earlier, and within 10 days the teenager had made contact, amicably, with his genetic father, according to today's issue of New Scientist magazine.
"This is the first time that I know of it being done," said Bryan Sykes, a geneticist at Oxford University and chairman of, a company that offers genetic testing for ancestry research. "Fifteen years ago, when the father donated his sperm, nobody in the world could have known this would be possible." The news is likely to be unsettling for men who have donated sperm in countries where anonymity is still commonplace, such as the US.[/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS]"Sperm banks are recruiting donors and promising them anonymity. I don't think that's a valid promise any more," said Wendy Kramer, founder of, a web-based service that matches donor children with their siblings. Dr Sykes added that his own company was now considering allowing its own databases to be used by children seeking their donor fathers.[/font]
I called the geneology database thingy and they said it doesn't work for FEMALE to MALE.
AND I already know the maternal side.
OH WELL. . . .
find someone online who will do a records search for you- I found someone in CA 5 years ago who paid for yearly access and would pull records for you for no charge- under search she was wonderful and helped me get a list of people with a birthdate when I was searching for my half brother. We found him by me cold calling all males with that birthdate in a 3-state area of my birth.
You have to find people who know him - go to places where you know he has been connected to somehow (worked there- hung out alot at a partiicular place) - you might start researching whether he had/has any contacts to the place where you were born- you will eventually find someone who knew him and could give you his name - it's really hard but possible - your mom should be the first person you ask, nd anyone who knew her at the time- best FC
You need to try and find out who you mom's friends were at the time,where she hung out,stuff like that.Somewhere,someone will know-even though it was the 70's!
Listen when I went to my Bfathers funeral every old high school that was there was trying to figure out who the bmom was since I would not tell anyone. It was really kind of funny them trying to get info out of me :) But I would not give details since she still had family in the area. Another good way to find out things find an older aunt or relative that lives alone or that loves to talk they know alot and love to talk and even older school teachers etc in the area know more than you think...GOOD LUCK
At my aunt's last week, my aunt told me that my bmom was not even living near her when she got pregnant. The man who my bmom CLAIMED to be my father, he dated her for a while, then my bmom left him in Dec. '73, and he doesnt' know where she went. My aunt said that my bmom lived in B.C. for a while, but she doesn't know where in B.C, and then in July or June of '74, my bmom showed up to see the man SHE CLAIMS was my birthfather. She slept with him ONE MORE TIME, then in Sept. of '74, showed up at her sister's(my aunt's) house crying and told her she was pregnant and that "P" was the birthfather.
So, my aunt has NO CLUE whatsoever. But, something interesting she said last week, "I think SHE KNOWS who the birth father is, but may still KNOW HIM, or know him enough, that it could get messy if he found out."
SHE'S JUST ASSUMING, that is why my birth mom isn't giving up a name for fear it would get out.
Amy I just read your post dont give up you may never find your birth father or he could be living down the street. do not be afraid if he does live close you have already gone through the rejection stages. :grr:
I found my birthfather & he new nothing about me I was welcomed with open arms by him & his family. I knew him for almost 2 years before he passed away, even though we lived severalhours apert and was only together a couple of times he was a part of my life & now I have his family as part of my family.
My Bmom was not as welcoming I have yet to meet her I have meet the grandmother & uncle, the grand father had died several years before I found them
Would I tell him who I am YES call him back or if close go knock on his door trust me he knew she was pregant and might even now something. Older people usually are more willing to be loved & to love. Just do it.
I know you have tried everything But with the net there are still stones that you can find left un turned. Just keep your chin up
Dana :wings:
[font=Verdana]OH, I told my aunt, I didnt' want to tell their dad, because I don't want him upset with my aunt, 'cause she's opened up to me and let me come and email and call, and it could hurt HER, if her dad got upset for her keeping the secret too. Then my aunt said, "He may just get mad at me for SPEAKING FOR HIM. He could be totally fine with the idea, and say, 'how dare you tell her how I'd react to something like this, when you dont' know how I'd react." So, either way, he'd be upset. We both agree, it's just better if my bmom tells him, and if she doesn't, it's not meant to be. Plus she said it would be EASIER for him to PROCESS if I lived CLOSER to him, SO HE'D SEE ME, and MY BOYS, and ENJOY who I am and the boys. But, with me living so far away, IT WOULD BE HARD TO PROCESS reality that is not PRESENT INFRONT OF HIM to deal with.[/font]
[font=Verdana]My aunt knows for SURE he has no clue my bmom had a baby ever. When I called back in January, he didn't even question anyone suspicious to either of them. He has no clue, my baunt is assured of that.[/font]