Is There Any Way To Find My Birth Father Without A Name-Please Any Advice Send My Way
This post is a SHOT IN THE DARK. . .

Is there anyone out there with the ANSWER to finding my BIRTH FATHER. . . . .


In my mind. . I can't think of a way, but I thought if I threw this out in the forum, maybe, JUST MAYBE. . .

there IS A WAY


i hope so. . . . . . :grr: :confused:

Do you know if your bmom named him when you were born?

If so, he'd be in your records - you could fight to open them.

My bfather was not named and my bmom won't disclose - so I'm outta luck Unhappy
The NAME is NOT HIM!!!
Yes, my b/mom named him in my file, but AFTER DNA testing in '99, when I met the man, after the search agent found him without telling me he was looking.

So, I have no name.
I would tell your b/mom, "if you know who my b/father is. . I have a right to know."

Even my b/mother, as cold as she is right now, told me, "Amy, if I had a name I would give it to you. I know it would mean a lot to you and I know medically you should have it. But, I don't know who else to tell ya. I was FOR SURE IT WAS WHO I WROTE IN YOUR FILE."

Alberta Adoption records are OPEN NOW. I have my complete records.

Still. . . .:grr: :confused:


Have you tried your aunt yet? Maybe she remembers your mom dating someone around that time....??

B/Aunt Has No Clue
My b/aunt has no clue either. She and my b/mom went their separate ways pretty much after their parents left them to finish school, while they went farming in another province.

They didn't live near each other for 2 yrs. and then my b/mom showed up at her door PREGNANT, needing support. My b/aunt met the alleged b/father ONE TIME, back in '74 right before or at the time of my b/mom's pregnancy, and she said, "I didn't like him. He is 1/2 people in my life that gave me cold chills, and I told my sister that." Then that is when my b/mom left him, not knowing she was pregnant.

Still. . . :confused: :grr:
Go back to the man who was tested and ask him if he remembers any of your mothers friends at the time - did they have mutual friends that might remember any other men who she may have dated or spent any time with during that period of time.

You mentioned on another thread that you liked the man that was tested and that he appeared to be a changed man, so he may want to be helpful to you.
He Already Did Some Searching For Me
I called him just after I read your post. He actually was about to email me in the next few days. He s/w 3 guys that hung out w/ him and my b/mom and they had no clue, and they didn't sleep with her at all, and they don't look like me at all.

So. . . . . .back to square one.

But that's great that you contacted him. This will motivate him to think about it more and who knows, 6 months down the road, something may jar his memory about someone he'd forgotten.

Good luck, Amy!!

Would it do any good to contact those friends that he mentioned anyhow Amy? Maybe they would have some leads for you...

Here's hoping that you can get some closure on this.
They Didn't Know Who She Hung Around With
Those 3 guys didn't have a clue who my b/mum hung around with either, he said.
I found mine with only his birthday which was provided from my no id info from the state. i searched all births on that date & matched with other info that was provided
Hi Amy, I'm new to this group but I may have a few hints for you while trying to find your dad. If you've recieved your original birth registration and it's blank for you father's name does it have an address or telephone number? If so you can go to canada411 and search using reverse address to get the name associated with that address. If all else fails you can go through the freedom of information act and get your file but if there's no listing for your father in there then I'm out of hints. I'm sorry for your pain but right now I'm going through the exact same thing, I'm looking for a father with no name and my birthmother, which I'm having no luck. Do you have any hints for that?
Have you tried canada 411 where you input an address and or telephone number? sometimes you'll find a name associated with that and call them to find out who they are and if they ever had a child that fit your description
How did you do that no id from the state because I have all of my information but I still can't manage to do anything, could you tell me how you search for someone only using their birthday
The Name Given Is Not The Father
The name provided by my b/mum on the birth registration is not my birth father. I met the man and had DNA and he is not it.

I was wondering if there is any place in Canada that we can give blood and someone searches through a database for a match?
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