My biodaughter has the same experience in preschool. I was the objects to teach her the abc's. A -- apple, acorn, ants etc. I did this because I thought she wouldn't able to attend regular school. The specialist told me this was great and that is what they do in her tutoring classes. She was tested by the school district and was very bright. She has a learning disability. She recieves tutoring during school. Infact, she has learned so many strategies to compensate for her disability it was recommended at her three year reevaluation that she no longer needs an IEP, I am seeking an second opinion but I am so happy with her progress. Keep working with her and stay on top of the school.
Yep, there are so many factors. I would request testing just to make you feel better. I also had the same problem...I mentioned it on the other forums...ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety...etc. Memory is a big problem with Dyslexia and also ADHD. I used to think in pictures not words. Now I have beat the dyslexia but don't ask me to write down information while talking on the phone - especially numbers. I can do it but the dyslexia is really bad.
Heartened and I sound extremely wasn't until I used computers that I did improve. I have difficulty writing my thoughts on paper...dyslexia is obvious. Also, one poster mentioned a "form" of dyslexia. Dyslexia can manifest itself in different ways.
Again, don't think we are dx your child with a disability because she might be fine...however, it's better to know now for intervention purposes then to wait. If the school won't test your child, you can always fight for it.
I found with my fd who did go thru k twice - she had a HARD time with this at first also. I beleive it had to do with her attachment issues and the severe neglect as a little one. However, I did take lots and lots of time to go over this and over this and over this - (you get the idea) but it took MONTHS and months to get her to get it.
Once she got it she took off - a lot of it had to do with lifestyle changes also. It now was important to learn to read - no so important to put energies into worrying if she was going to eat etc.
There is alot to be said about keeping a constant schedule and making these kids feel safe - then when they finally do they can start to be kids themselves.
This was my experience - sometimes there are other issues with learning problems - but I think with your constant work you will be able to better get an idea if she is playing a game or really having trouble.
Good luck
Wow, i'm glad i found this old thread. I thought i was the only one that had this problem. My 6 yr old we adopted last year has a tough time with his letters. he wants so bad to remember them. He will start kindergarten this year at a private school, they recommended last year that he go to preschool since he had not been in a classroom setting. His preschool teacher told me this year that his problem could be from exposure to meth during infancy or FAS (fetal alchol syndrome) I'm very concerned because i already held him back one year and would hate if they hold him back another year but i don't know what to do. I work with him constantly and i do see a little improvement but if i skip a day, it's back to the starting point all over again. I don't know how they test in private school, or if they do.
Hello. I came across this thread when trying to research our adopted sons struggles. He’s been home for 4 years and is 5 years old.
He has no number recognition and can only recognize two letters. Can’t understand sound/letter correlation at all and forgets things five seconds after teaching it.
I’m wondering how the original poster’s situation turned out now that it’s 14 years later?