Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my original birth certificate? I was born in Vallejo, CA in 1964. I've looked on line but can't find anything. From what I can see I can't get anything but a copy of what it is now.
The reason I'm asking is that when I was a child I remember seeing (snooping) through some of my parents paperwork. There was something that said 'adoption' and had my name on it. I didn't think much about it because I knew I was born before my parents were married. Maybe it was.
I guess I'm at a point of wanting to know if I do have a different biological father than the one that raised me.
My parents won't admit to anything. My mom lied to me about how long they were married until I was an adult and only admitted it because someone else had told me.
I'm not sure about CA laws but I do know that in most states, you cannot obtain a copy of your OBC without a court order.
Have you checked to see if CA has a state-run registry? If so, you can attempt to register with them. If you were adopted, they'll "allow" your registration. If not, you'll receive some sort of notification that your registration is invalid.
Let me do some digging for you - give me a few minutes.
Ok, it looks as though California does not have a mutual consent registry.
This page seems to have some good information about searching in CA -
Unfortunately, it looks like most of the resources are only available WITH the participation of the adoptive parent, but double check that - I didn't read that closely.
FH - heartened. Thank you so much for the quick reply! This is so overwhelming. The internet is such a great tool, but trying to find information like this is crazy. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1256201", true);
Actually, before going through the dotted red-line of beaucracy, simply call the Deptartment of Vital Statistics of the town in which you were born, and ask for a copy of your birth certificate. You will know THEN, what rocky road you will have to choose for yourself.
Don't give up. While I was not able to obtain my original birth certificate, I was able to get a copy of my adoption degree that had my bmom's name on it. I just called the probate court in which it took place and they made me a copy. They however, had a new person working who forgot to block out anything. There was my name of infant girl ***** (I wasn't named) my bmom's name, my new name and my parents name. I have heard of others "accidently" getting copies of their OBC in error. It's always worth a shot. Good luck!